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A study has found that female SCOTUS judges are interrupted more often than their male counterparts, because goddammit not even RBG herself can escape the fucking patriarchy.



Considerate design is important — even when thinking about how the layout of a hospital can affect your chances of having a c-section.



Carmen Sandiego is coming back in a new animated series on Netflix and Gina Rodriguez has been cast to voice her, God fucking bless. This is the future that liberals want.



This piece by Ijeoma Oluo about her visit and interview with Rachel Dolezal is a rough read, because it’s always hard to see white privilege in such an unabashed, self-righteous form.



Friend of POME, Mia Moore, wrote this lovely article filled with tips for making your work or home office more suited for your mental wellbeing! In our experience, creating a space you feel good in can be super empowering in the workplace, so we highly recommend it!



While we’re all celebrating the ousting of Bill Grossface O’Reilly from Fox, he is apparently getting a larger payout from the settlement than his victims are, which is some real bullshit.



Indie feminist tech magazine “The Recompiler” has launched a Kickstarter to fund their seventh issue as they stride into their third year of publication. Help support these badass ladies and the badass things they do if you can!



We miss the chubbier, cuter, less problematic Chris Pratt of yesteryear. Shhhhhhh baby, shhhhh.





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Xenomorph from the 1979 film Alien

Finding My Monsters

My fascination began with the 1979 film Alien. I was six when my parents let me watch it with them one night. The idea of an alien monster, called the Xenomorph in the movie, lurking in the vents of a spaceship was terrifying and invigorating. I wanted to know the Xenomorph’s motives. Why was the crew scared of it? Rewatching the movie as a pre-teen filled in the blanks. The crew feared the unknown, and this alien monster, for me, represented the misunderstood. I associated this monster with how I saw my body: strange, grotesque, and unnatural. It took me until my thirties to confront and reclaim my monsters.

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Afternoon Snack

If you’re still sleepy from the long weekend, we hope this sampling of links will perk you up, with no side effects! Our favorite discovery

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Roadtrip Snacks!

It’s a big national holiday in the US this week, and whether you’re driving across the state, across the street, or simply taking a mental vacation, we’ve got a little treat for you.

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