Pressed: A Lockdown Comic

A comic about trying to scrapbook and finding yourself in lockdown again, and turning to nature instead. A little bit about how everyone has put their life on hold in the pandemic.

I bought a 5-year planner to use as a scrapbook to document the rest of my 20s. (I mainly bought it for the button.) Naïvely, I assumed we'd b done with lockdowns in 2021. We'd be able to go and do things again. Thus - scrapbooking.
This obviously didn't pan out.
So, I've been picking flowers on my daily-ish walks instead, to put into my scrapbookk. Trying to find new ones, so that it doesn't repeat (housemates help!). I'm lucky it's spring where I am.
Lockdown still sucks, though. And I'm not an essential frontline or healthcare worker. I know that this is a privileged discomfort. I've gained an appreciation for nature - but I'd trade it for zero cases immediately. We're all in limbo. We're all so worried. I'm pressing these flowers, my fears, my hopes, my life right now, in the hopes that in the future, this will all just be old memories.


Jessie is a Melbourne-based illustrator drawing comics, working on her art, and dragon dancing. She's committed to storytelling and expressing hard-to-word emotions through art. She also picks a lot of flowers on her walks, and she tenders a formal apology to the plants near her house.

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