Reasons Why I Haven’t Caught Up On Comics and Can’t Talk to You About Them

Sorry, I forgot how to convert images into time, or is it the other way around

April 21, 2016 at 1:07 pm

  • My mortgage payment went up by like $200 and that was basically the comics money, and then some

Hello brokeness, old friend

Hello brokeness, old friend

  • I’m not downloading comics to keep up, not because of Principles but because I’m Lazy and Aging Out of Understanding Technology Way Sooner Than Anyone Anticipated
  • My dog literally won’t stop peeing on my comics
  • My comics literally won’t stop peeing on my dog and they need to be alone to think about what they’ve done
  • My husband had a dream about working with Leslie Knope on a passion project and that’s just so cute that a part of my brain exploded and it’s the part that knows what even is “comics,” do you mean, like, graphic novels?

Hey babe, this could be us BUT THIS IS ALREADY USHey babe, this could be us BUT THIS IS ALREADY US

  • I’m experiencing a second adolescence, which means I’m denying myself the things that bring me genuine joy in favor of living up to the expectations of just about anyone who shows enough interest in me to so much as learn my name
  • I’ve never actually read comics before, I’ve been faking it for years to impress a literal bridge troll, but I’m sick of the lies and need to come clean
  • I’ve read The Secret and the Necronomicon and convinced myself that if I think positively and make a large enough sacrifice (reading comics) I can ensure that Donald Trump will be defeated by Beyoncé and Carly Rae Jepsen in the 2016 U.S. presidential election beyonce and carly rae

Please ACTUALLY run the world, I beg you

  • I made an ultimately mundane and insignificant choice and shifted into an alternate timeline where I don’t have ingrown toenails and all my comics drowned in a hurricane
  • My comics turned into a majestic crystal-plumed bird and I don’t believe in cages

Who is she??? Who is she???

  • I’m boycotting comics because they’re too men
  • I’m boycotting comics because they’re too white people
  • I’m boycotting comics because I told them that I really, really liked them ever since middle school and they told me they just wanted to stay friends
  • My comics are too old for childish things like being read and would rather do something cool and mature, like depreciate in value until they crumble into dust 

I did it all for the smoothie

I did it all for the smoothie

Ashley Gallagher

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