Roadtrip Snacks!

It’s a big national holiday in the US this week, and whether you’re driving across the state, across the street, or simply taking a mental vacation, we’ve got a little treat for you.

To start: the 2021 POMEsgiving playlist, a massive collection of our favorite tracks to suit any mood. We recommend listening on shuffle!

We couldn’t find a version of this on Spotify, but we’d like to add this Tiny Desk set from way back in January 28, 2021 to your rotation. In retrospect, it really kind of set a “sad yeehaw” tone for the year, would you agree?

We also cannot help but recommend the official music video for the quintessential citypop groove, Plastic Love, which has debuted a whopping 36 years after the single! Congratulations to living legend Mariya Takeuchi!

STRIKE ALERT: if you read this website and also use Wirecutter reviews and gift guides, you will want to know that the Wirecutter team is officially on strike during one of their busiest periods, Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday. Support the media workers by not crossing the picket line, and contributing to the strike fund if you can!

Need to curl yourself into a corner for some alone time this week? Settle in with the Esquire profile of everyone’s favorite sensitive Hollywood himbo, Keanu.

To sign off, we leave you with some 2021-appropriate, vaguely threatening thematic content. Stay safe and run away if you see these guys!

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Xenomorph from the 1979 film Alien

Finding My Monsters

My fascination began with the 1979 film Alien. I was six when my parents let me watch it with them one night. The idea of an alien monster, called the Xenomorph in the movie, lurking in the vents of a spaceship was terrifying and invigorating. I wanted to know the Xenomorph’s motives. Why was the crew scared of it? Rewatching the movie as a pre-teen filled in the blanks. The crew feared the unknown, and this alien monster, for me, represented the misunderstood. I associated this monster with how I saw my body: strange, grotesque, and unnatural. It took me until my thirties to confront and reclaim my monsters.

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Afternoon Snack

If you’re still sleepy from the long weekend, we hope this sampling of links will perk you up, with no side effects! Our favorite discovery

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