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As our planet spins on its axis, another revolution around the sun completed, the intrepid explorers of the USS POME begin on their third astronomical journey. Unlike the voyages before, our sojourn among the stars will be brief — more of a relaxing getaway than a convoluted 7 season plot device that involves us all getting lost in the unexplored Delta Quadrant, ever searching for our way home.

We’re kicking our galactic road trip off with a tasty Space Snack. Hold on to your space butts!



The stars have aligned and they have revealed their truths — and that truth is that the Trumps are going to have a rough astrological year. Never have I been so gleeful for the chaos (theoretically) caused by the planets in retrograde.



While not the space beyond our skies, the space beyond our waking moments is its own kind of galactic journey, right? Why do we sleep? Why do we need to sleep? Why do we dream? Well, the International Institute for Integrative Sleep Medicine in Japan is probing into this dreamy unknown.



This is sort of an older article, but we still think about it sometimes. And really, a POME Space Snack would be remiss without any Mass Effect content.



This DS9 rewatch came about just in time for Space Week.



If you’re itching to begin that New Year / New You dichotomy that so many of us jump into when a new solar annum begins, then head over to Apartment Therapy to see some decluttering tips that pair with your astrological sign. And if you’re not into horoscopes, well, it’s still probably a good time to do some cleaning.



Blessed tweet.



The first blue moon total eclipse in 150 years is gracing our mortal plane this month, and not only is this Quality Space Content, it’s also a fantastic time to plan to do some extremely witchy shit. We’re READY.



Space Camp scholarships!!!!!!!



SpaceX is doing some cool stuff but “SpaceX Rocket Launches Secret Government Payload Into Orbit” is easily one of the more sinister headlines about the company we’ve seen.



All week we’ll be running space week content, so buckle in for our yearly galactic voyage. May the Force be with you, always.


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