Summer Snack

It’s Summer Lovin’ Week on POME, so open your hearts, your minds, and your stomach for this week ~*~ very romantic ~*~ Afternoon Snack!



Stronger Than You has an official music video and we’re not crying, you’re crying!!!!!!!



Naps will save the world, y’all. Darwin napped, Dickens napped, I bet Captain Kirk naps. Meet me on the beach for some grade-A summer snoozing!



This article is very old but it’s got a real summer feel and we love cats. When we die, we hope to go to Cat Heaven Island and see these furry angels for ourselves.



Happy Birthday, Seiya!



Ok so John Snow and Ygritte aren’t getting married after all but they DID just move in together and they’ve been dating for like 5 years so their fictional love and real love are both real.



A great new Anne Helen Petersen longread about Charlize Theron, who is not here to make friends.



This isn’t necessarily summer love-related but it’s pretty cool anyway. DBZ + Afrofuturism + scifi anime, everything we need and want in this world.



THE TOAST CAME BACK FOR ONE GLORIOUS DAY and if that doesn’t show us we’re loved, I don’t know what does.



Well, we’re off to go confess our feelings; we’ll see y’all next week with some new links to crush on.


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Welcome back to Romance Roundtable: a feature where the editorial POME Crones gather together to discuss Romance Manga. Join us for our spiciest Romance Roundtable yet as we cover Yakuza Lover by Nozomi Mino: an absolutely R-rated romance between a bold, fearless college student and a beautiful twink yakuza boss.

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