Swipe Right At First Sight (Romance Edition)

Would you ~swipe right~ on your favorite popular romantic leads? In this version of a dating app, illustrator and author Sophie Furman presents the heartfelt dating profiles of each character, filled with tales of their hobbies, pets, and favorite coffee order, among others. The only thing to ask is, which one is your favorite? Which one is first-date, at-first-sight worthy?

Bella Lark Cortez
(She/her) dreams of writing the next great American graphic novel
Binges on: old black and white films, Stranger Things, anything with subtitles in them
Fave hobby: cooking up different types of salsa, volunteering at the local cat shelter
Dream travel destination: a cute seaside town where you two will be the only ones there
Daphné Castleton
(They/them) spunky event planner, swooner at heart
Binges on: Love is Blind, Modern Love
Perfect date: an Instagrammable picnic in Central Park
Love language: all of them
Jo April Choi
(She/they) kindergarten teacher and fan of everything improv
Likes: community theater and speaking from the heart
Favorite coffee order: anything dalgona matcha
Pet: Lady Marmee the Very Squishy Corgi
TMD (The Mr. Darcy)
(He/him) the talk of the trendiest part of town
Binges on: Bridgerton of course; anything rugby
Likes: Simon Cowell (only sometimes!); his fluffy rescue, Mister Bingly the Yorkie
Dislikes: Snootiness or anything overly doldrum, deadnaming
Kath Kelles
(She/her) STILL bookshop owner (there's no way she was giving it up (children's book extradordinaire)
Binges on: also Bridgerton, but the books
Favorite coffee order: the Sleepless in Austin; an iced honey lavender latte with oat milk
Pet: Her golden retriever, Brinklesey Dogear the Fluffiest
Sophie Furman

Sophie Furman

Sophie Furman (she/they) is a big fan of everything inclusive, geeky, sweet, and squishy (especially a very fluffy pup Cookie). She loves to illustrate, make stickers, and talk about books, Procreate brushes, and food.
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