Riverdale Roundtable 6: “Death Proof”


Today we’re talking about Season 2 episode 6: “Death Proof.” Catch our Riverdale drift & join us for Cheryl-worship and even more gals being even better pals. Read more.


Riverdale Roundtable 5: “When a Stranger Calls”

Everybody Loves Madchen

Join us in celebrating Madchen #Looks and a girl gang kicking the shit out of a rapist and literally nothing else in this otherwise trash episode. Read more.


Riverdale Roundtable 4: “The Town That Dreaded Sundown”

We need emotional support in these trying times of Archie being a dummy and no witches at all

Join us as we drag basically everybody in this show except for Ronnie and Fred Andrews, because everybody is garbage and we're disappointed in them all. Read more.

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Fanficiton Flashback: Shipping Myself with Wolverine

Rereading my teenage self-insert "sequel" to the movie X2: X-Men United

I set this fanfic a few months after the events of X2, and it begins with Logan returning from a motorcycle ride to find an unfamiliar pickup truck parked in front of the school. Little does he know, it belongs to the Coolest Mutant Girl Evar, and she will later judge him for enjoying beer. Read more.


Riverdale Roundtable 3: “The Watcher in the Woods”

“No need to be so thirsty, Veronica”

Welcome to Riverdale Roundtable: a recap series where we chat about all the drama and sexy intrigue from last week’s Riverdale — just in time to get you up-to-speed for tonight’s episode. Today we’re talking about the second episode of Season 2: “The Watcher in the Woods.” Join us precious, beautiful, compulsive pieces of trash to laugh and cry over these tortured teens and their handsome fathers. Read more.

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Viewing Vampyress at the Vortex

A Beautiful Bloodbath

On this, All Hallows Eve, is there anything better than reliving a phantasmal frolic of blood-soaked beauty upon a gilded stage? Oh, yeah, did I mention there aren’t any men? Vampyress, as performed by Ethos and the Vortex, ran from September 22 to October 28 and it was a seductive, rich work of over-the-top gothic lunacy. Read more.

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Lore: Amazon’s Monster

How Aaron Mahnke Frankensteined TV, a podcast, and the historically supernatural

Podcasts have become all the rage within the past few years: hell, even I have one. There are shows for pop culture, true crime, cooking, fictional stories, traveling, finances, and so much more. A couple years back, I found a podcast that combined two things I love: history and the supernatural. Read more.


Riverdale Roundtable: “Nighthawks”

Jingle Jangle-induced Heterosexuality

Today we’re talking about the second episode of Season 2: “Nighthawks.” Come for the jingle jangle; stay for the jingle jangle; everything is jingle jangle and nothing hurts. Read more.


Sacrificial Snack III: Night of the Snacking Dead: Reckoning

An Extra Spooky Afternoon Snack

Sometimes you eat a snack. Sometimes, the snack eats you!!! Here are some links to munch on while you hide. Read more.

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Double Feature: Bell Book and Candle and The Love Witch

Witchcraft, Old and New (AKA Internalized Misogyny and Loss of the Self)

Maybe the violent shared experience of womanhood hasn’t changed that much, but the narrative commentary certainly has! Read more.

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