The Astronaut’s Guide to Space Navigation

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The Astronaut's Guide to Space Navigation: Finding Common Ground, by Yasmine Pirouz


Tip 1--- Prep: Upon embarking, fasten and secure listening scopes. These are essential to discerning the receptivity of your environment as you search for a safe location.


Tip 2--- Scouting Locations: On your search, you may encounter planets where some inhabitants are trapped behind [belief generating] cognitive-dissonance particle force fields. Such fields generate magnetic barriers that are difficult to breech. Use discretion and if necessary, continue your search for common ground elsewhere. It may be safe to return in the future.


Tip 3---Fortification: Equip your ship with appropriate shielding to avoid damage from potential Right vs. Wrong meteor battering. It takes practice, but deft aerial maneuvering can keep you from getting impacted by these obstacles.


Tip 4--- Evasive Maneuvers: In the case of Violent Nuclear Explosions within the vicinity, USE IMMEDIATE EVASIVE TACTICS. (example: Beeline Maneuver #5.) Radioactive particle emissions may deteriorate all surroundings, and MUST be contained and stabilized before common ground is possible. Only approach if you have attained Level 10 Nuclear Diffusion Empathic Certification or higher.


Tip 5--- Landing on Receptive Territory: Preceding your descent to potential common ground, check for the following conditions: -Breathable atmosphere; -Adequate landing space, and; -Inhabitants who are willing to talk to you. ***To communicate with inhabitants, you may be required to adjust your language translators, so keep these up to date with as many languages as possible. All other external differences are inconsequential to peaceful exchange.


Tip 6--- Discourse: As each inhabitant exchanges their thoughts, keep listening scopes at maximum power, accepting different viewpoints and experiences with intentions to understand each other. ***Remember that you sought out this common ground to explore the mysteries of the universe, and that includes the infinite potential realities that can shape life.


When you come to the heart of a hope, a value, a need, a feeling, a statement that you each/all share, whatever your differences, congratulations, you have found common ground, astronaut!

Yasmine Pirouz

Yasmine Pirouz

Yasmine Pirouz is a food-munching, cartoon-adoring freelance illustrator with a passion for speaking through comics. When she isn't part-time teaching art, she's creating TORUS LINK @ the webcomic that is her baby. If you agree that it takes two sides both to tell a story AND save the universe, then she happily recommends you give it a read.
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