Throwback Thursday: July 2018

Welcome to the July 2018 edition of POMEmag’s Throwback Thursday series! We’re celebrating four (4!!!!) years of sensitive weirdo content by surfacing up some of our faves over the last 48 (48!!!!!) months.




Monstrous Advice: The Dullahan

Jess debuts her first piece on POME by introducing us to a surprisingly chill cryptid of lore — the Dullahan! It turned out to be a bit of a close call for her, but excellent comics material for us readers.


Downloaded Daydreams

Cheesey lesbian romance audiobooks are our freaking jam, and Ashley recounts all her faves in this lovely comic! Give us your cheesey lesbian romance audiobook recommendations!


The Summer Goth Style Guide

We live in Texas and it is 100+ °F every day now, but we are not giving up on our summer goth looks!! Alejandra‘s guide is here to guide you and us through these blistering months and into our goth aesthetic bliss.




Finding Self-Respect (Part 1)

Yasmine made 3 parts to her comic series about self-respect on POME, and a year later we’re still moved and honored to have it on the site. It’s easy for us to be snarky or salty or silly, so this genuine, heartfelt content really warmed our internet souls.


Your Guide to Dating Sailor Moon Villains

If you were a pre-weeb in the 90s then you also probably wondered what dating some of these goofy Sailor Moon anime villains would be like. That’s us, POMEgranate Magazine, out here asking the hard questions.


Romance Roundtable #1: Bought: One Husband

Our very first Romance Roundtable!!! This series has been quite a journey and we’re still out here reading bad manga and complaining loudly about it. But this! Is where! It started!




Science Uncovers the Correlation Between Ice Cream and Kickass Ladies

You can’t argue with SCIENCE, so don’t even try.


Three More Pokemon AR Games To Take Over Your Life

Pokémon Go was quite a whirlwind when it first busted onto the scene, wasn’t it? Now with Pokémon Let’s Go on the horizon, maybe we’re reaching a critical moment where more Pokémon AR games could get their claws into us mere plebs. (Nintendo, call us!)


6 Teens Go Through AMAZING Transformations! You Won’t Believe What Happens Next!

Do you remember ANIMORPHS, though????? Some of these covers still haunt me to this day.





Six Books I’ll Never, Ever Read (And You Can’t Make Me)

Brittney lists the six (6) books that she’ll absolutely never read, no matter what you see, no, she’ll never do it. Gotta stick to your literary guns.



True Crime week was our very first theme week here at POMEmag!! That’s so crazy!! What a wild ride.


Memories of Final Fantasy VII

Rachel and CC walk through memory lane and revisit some of the weirdest / best / weirdest moments of playing Final Fantasy VII for the first time. Who knew this would launch them down a long path of revisiting one of their other favorite games in comics form???



Going through so many (4 years!!! 48 months!!!!) pieces of content really drives home 2 things for us: 1) we are so so lucky to have our amazing contributors and our beautiful readers, and 2) on no we’re getting OLLLDDDDDDDDDD

Thanks as always for everything, lovely readers, you’re the best.

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Romance Roundtable #52: Classmates

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