Throwback Thursday: March 2018

This Throwback Thursday, we have four years — four years! — of Marches to reminisce upon. From bras to beasts; from lesbian fashion icons to old lady crafts; from Moonstruck to Sailor Moon Crystal to mobile games, we hope you enjoy this trip through some highlights from the POME Crone Archive Zone.


March 2018


The Strengths of Florence

Rachel recently wrote this lovely piece dissecting narrative and gameplay in the mobile game Florence. Rachel totally rules at essay comics and everyone should read all of her fabulous essay-based work. And all her other work. Rachel is fantastic, is what I am saying here.


What Old Lady Hobby Should You Pick Up This Spring?

Jenny threw us all into the POME Crone Craft Zone with this quiz a few weeks back and I feel that learning about my intrinsic connection with candlemaking has been a game-changer for me.


Harry Styles: My Lesbian Fashion Hero

Ashley Guillory — the newest in our Five Ashley Band that is the POMEmag coven of writers, artists, and editors — demonstrated the Lesbian Fashion Star Power intrinsic to Harry Styles and lowkey convinced me to stock up on blazers.



March 2017


Hot Beasts and Where To Find Them

One year ago today, the POMEmag Editorial Crones published this exhaustive scientific study about how our readers felt about hot beasts (as in, Beauty and the Beast beasts). We launched a survey! We extrapolated data! It was and remains A Lot in the best possible way and we collectively stand by our findings.


Duck Hook: Part 1

Last year, we ran this five-part coming of age comics narrative series by Paloma about one girl’s struggles with golf, not wanting to be a prodigy, and being a teen. We think this comic is lovely and beautiful, and think you should give it a read.


Pet Owner Fallacies

CC here. This is my greatest achievement in listicle construction — truly a singular bright spot in my otherwise derivative, medieval woodcut-infused body of listicle work. Never trust bunnies and never adopt snakes.



March 2016

Taking Care of Business: How to Care for Bras

In the year of our lord 2016, Jessika tried to teach us all how to care for bras. None of us can say she did not warn us about the consequences of not hang-drying our intimates. Bless u, Jessika, for your attempts to intervene.


Double Feature: Moonstruck

Beloved National Treasure Jenny sold us on Nic Cage, but mostly sold us on Cher when she recommended that we watch Moonstruck twice. Go watch Moonstruck, and then go watch Moonstruck again. Jenny won’t steer you wrong.


The Freedom to Run

Catherine wrote this lovely piece about how a local (still unapprehended????) assailant made her think about her safety and freedom to move within her neighborhood.



March 2015

Moon Podcast Power MAKE UP!! – 01 – David Lynch’s Sailor Moon Crystal

In March 2015, POMEmag was forever changed when CC and Ashley launched Moon Podcast Power — a Sailor Moon Crystal recap podcast / impetus that led us to eventually host International Sailor Moon Day Austin. As CC and Ashley predicted during this very first episode, a friendship was born through the production of this podcast and the POME Crone Coven wouldn’t be what it is today without the months we spent working on this show. <3



We certainly hope you’ve enjoyed this trip down memory lane with us. Be sure to join us next month when we take a look back at whatever we were doing last April!

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