Throwback Thursday: May 2018

Welcome to Throwback Thursday: May 2018! WHAT A MONTH! Group Chat: A Kickstarter that GOT FUNDED! TCAF! VanCAF! May has been extra busy this year, but let us journey now into the Mays of Years Past!

May 2018:

Washimi and Gori: Tell Me How To Live

We here at POME firmly believe that Aggretsuko is a blessing upon this world, not only for the sympathetic depictions of righteous female rage, but also for the portrayals of good and supportive relationships between women! Washimi and Gori are strong and also nuanced! They are wonderful role models and fonts of knowledge! Washimi and Gori! TELL ME HOW TO LIVE!


Cookin’ With The Cats: Potato Leek Soup

Cookin’ With Cait is one of our longest-running series (August 2015; talk about throwback) and this latest installment is a GIFT! Artie and Leonard are good sweet bois, and potatoes are fantastic in all their forms.


Gritty Teen Remakes of Our Childhood Faves

This last throwback is perhaps a little self-indulgent, but still: it’s very good. Riverdale is a garbage fire and we need more shows like it. Also, the Hex Girls are better than The Beatles; fight me.

May 2017:

Which Horrifying Medieval Mermaid Are You?

#MerMay is a tradition we here at POME love and have loved, historically (as evidenced by this piece featuring CC’s trademarked medieval woodcuts). The “Which Horrifying Medieval Mermaid Are You?” Quiz answers that question we have all faced at one point or another: what kind of godforsaken abomination WOULD I be if I were crossed with a fish and also horribly cursed?


Just Desserts Recipe 4: Vengeance on a Budget & Puppy Chow

Just Desserts is a wonderful series, and this one specifically makes a DELICIOUS and also AFFORDABLE snack!


Crone Clickbait

We are a Crone Publication on the Internet, so of course we have created and collected our favorite crone-centric clickbait. Honestly I’d take any one of these over the ads I keep getting for wrinkle cream (doesn’t even give you wrinkles) and those walk-in bathtubs.


May 2016:

The Omega 4 Replay: Episode 1

May is just the Month of Quality Series Posts! May 2016 kicked off our much-beloved series: Omega 4 Replay – a comics series wherein Rachel and CC play through the Mass Effect games for the internet’s all-consuming pleasure.


Ask Persephone: Borrowed books, discarded youths, and bonding rituals

Persephone (Crone of Crones, Dread Queen of the Dead, BFF of Hekate, Goddess of Witchcraft and the Hearth) is full of good advice. In this installment, she answers some pressing questions about sharing media with your friends and how to navigate adult human relationships! For answers to your own pressing questions, you can always petition her on our Tumblr!


Double Feature: Mary Poppins & The Sound of Music

It’s been a few years since we pitched you this idea for a Double Feature, and a few more years since the brilliant and insightful crone, Jenny (and also Jenny’s friend Jo), came up with it, but it holds up! We are all jaded dads, and Julie Andrews can teach us how to love.



We certainly hope you’ve enjoyed this trip down memory lane with us. Be sure to join us next month when we take a look back at whatever we were doing last June!

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