Throwback Thursday: October 2018

The final throwback of the last 5 (five!!!) years!

October 25, 2018 at 10:25 am

Every month for the last year, we’ve hopped in our way way back machine and taken folks on a wild ride — a ride to our very beginnings as a magazine. We were in our maiden stage then, and although we might not yet be the crones we aspire to yet, we’re so happy to have gotten to look back through the last several years. This will be our last Throwback Thursday, as we’ll have officially covered all content on POME, from even our earliest days. Let’s take a look!



October 2018


Postcards From My 20’s: Sick and… Refreshed?

Anita brought us the comics we would have made for us in our youths, when we were young and full of hope and thought we could thrive in a gross hostel with too many people. A good series for our burgeoning cronehood.


Romance Roundtable 11: Lord Calthorpe’s Promise Part 2

We wrapped up another killer Romance Roundtable with Lord Calthorpe’s Promise, a sweet romance filled with mouthy broads and stoic, dense, handsome men. Always a good time to talk with my favorite POMEs about trashy romance manga. <3



We announced our second major anthology publication, Eternal Witchcraft! We are honestly so, so stoked about this one, and can’t wait to see all the witchy goodness people make. Pitches are open through Halloween, so get on it!



October 2017


Riverdale Roundtable 1: “A Kiss Before Dying”

Our very first!! Riverdale Roundtable!! Wow, what a trashy hole we fell into with this show. Well, we’re still here, we still love Cheryl, and Rachel still hates Jason Blossom’s weird face. Some things never change.


Neo Yokio: The Anti-Capitalist Revolution

If you slept on Jenny’s amazing Neo Yokio piece, now is the time to remedy that. Not only is the show an experience in and of itself, but Jenny’s beautiful encapsulation of this anti-capitalist show brought me both joy and awe as I read it. For Toblerone-lovers and anti-capitalists alike!


Don’t Follow Me

A comic about feeling unsafe in public spaces, and navigating how to deal (or not) with Too Eager men on the street.



October 2016


what are babbies

Our first, very weird, incredibly authentic piece made as a co-creation of all the POME editors. We didn’t know what we had created when we put this into the world, but here it is anyway. what are babbies????


POMEmag Spell Book Week: Foreword & Table of Contents

This time last year we were putting out our very first pocket spellbook! We are still so proud of the work everybody did on this small book, and we can’t wait to pull it together into the ultimate tome: Eternal Witchcraft.


In Praise of the Final Girl

This was the very first piece that Alejandra did for POME, and she’s done SO much amazing work since!! Also just a good thematic piece, for this our favorite spooky month of the year.



October 2015


Abortion Facts

This was written in 2015, when we were so tired and burnt out and so fucking done with all the bullshit surrounding access to reproductive health (especially in our home state of Texas). It…. really bums me out that this is still so relevant.


Ukulele Spells: Lesson 1

The very first Ukulele Spells! Wow! It seems like ages ago that this series was a thing, and I guess it kind of was. That’s nuts.


The Unquenchable Thirst of LookHuman

I know for a fact that CC photoshopped that featured image herself and honestly, I have rarely been more proud. (That’s a lie, CC is amazing and is constantly surprising me with her ability, sincerity, and humor. <3)



October 2014

Kachi’s What-Do’s: How to Make the Perfect PBJ

Never forget that time that Kachi taught us how to make the perfect PBJ.


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