Wicked Grace 02: What To Expect When You’re Expecting (An Old God Baby)

Welcome to Wicked Grace: A Dragon Age Podcast! On today’s episode, CC and special guest Jen Overstreet talk about the morality and long-term ramifications of Morrigan’s Dark Ritual from Dragon Age: Origins. Do Old Gods deserve a second chance? And how much evil sex magic is too much evil sex magic, anyway? Plus, as little obligatory off-topic DA2 ranting as we could get away with and a plug for our brand-new, extra-special project. Just remember: Morrigan is cool, but Flemeth is forever. WARNING: This episode has Extreme Spoilers for Dragon Age: Origins and Inquisition.

As always, Wicked Grace is a podcast comprised of lore conversations and a lot of spoilers! If you haven’t played Dragon Age: Origins and Inquisition, proceed at your own risk.


Notes & References:

Here are some links to wiki pages and Youtube videos for quick catch-up (or to see stuff you might not have experienced in your worldstate(s)):


I double-checked and yes, you can see the Black City from the Fade in Origins:

wicked grace 02
via the Dragon Age wiki



Going Through With the Dark Ritual (Cousland romancing Morrigan):


Propositioning Alistair about the Ritual:


Just a happy family reunion in Inquisition:


Meeting Flemeth in Inquisition (no Kieran):


A very different potential family reunion in Inquisition:


Meeting Kieran:


Bonus???? Content:

This scene was (apparently?) cut from Origins and adds content to the Dark Ritual for a Warden who romanced Alistair and seemingly has affinity with Morrigan. Dragon Age series architect David Gaider collaborated with artist Aimo on this comic of the deleted scene. (Here is the official link on the Bioware blog  but only one page is still available there). (You can also watch this mod based on the comic).


The Group Chat Kickstarter:

At the end of this episode, we mentioned that CC and Jen collaborated on a story in Group Chat: a comic anthology about friendship and found family. If you, like us, love the journey of maxing out your Dragon Age companions’ affinity more than the actual result of doing so, we’d like to recommend you head on over to the Group Chat Kickstarter right away!


And Finally:

Thanks so much for your patience, y’all! If you have any suggestions for upcoming topics OR have any questions about this episode, hit us up in the comments or over on Twitter @wickedgracecast.

Featured image source: Dragon Age: Inquisition (2014)

CC Calanthe

CC Calanthe

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Jen Overstreet

Jen Overstreet

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