4 Statement Pieces To Emulate The World of The Batman In

The atmosphere of Gotham is one of my favorite things about Matt Reeves’ The Batman. Obviously, the costuming and overall Looks™ of all the characters help bring this atmosphere to life. Ever since watching The Batman, I’ve been thinking about ways to bring the style of several of Gotham’s main players into my own life. So, here’s a breakdown of some statement pieces you can take to emulate some of the best-dressed folks in Gotham.

Batman: Ratty Black Tee

If there’s one way to describe Robert Pattinson’s take on Bruce Wayne, it’s dank, dark, and definitely emo. What else would he be wearing aside from a ratty, distressed, overpriced t-shirt he’s definitely slept in for at least 5 days? You don’t have to take it as far, but here’s a humble suggestion if you, too, want to look like an emo recluse billionaire virgin. Pair with your favorite sweatpants, or black jeans depending on your mood, and you’ll be ready to brood in the Batcave for hours on end.

Catwoman: Black Heels

We all know and love Catwoman’s iconic leather catsuit. It’s classic, sleek, and sexy, but there was a new piece of clothing that caught my eye while working my way through the latest movie: the lace up boots that become a new calling card for Selina Kyle. These may not be exactly the same, but they’re close! Are they practical? Probably not. But they look sick as hell. If you can handle the high heel and feel like being a little extra while slinking around town, pick these up and prepare to turn heads. You might even get away with stealing a few hearts along the way.

Riddler: Clear Glasses

There’s something about the Riddler’s simple and lasting statement piece. No, I’m not talking about question mark emblazoned bowler hats, or question mark emblazoned suits. I’m talking about a simple, clear pair of glasses. Both Jim Carey and Paul Dano’s turns as the Riddler featured the use of a clear pair of eyeglasses to great effect. It’s simple, it’s functional (grab a blue light blocking pair if you don’t need prescription specs), and it’s a timeless design. Plan your next livestream in these bad boys, and then show them off to your dozens of subs.

Gordon: Nice Black Coat

Not-yet-Commissioner Gordon (played wonderfully by Jeffrey Wright) is a great ally to Emo Batman. Just as no-nonsense, with none of the emo frills Bruce Wayne is working, Gordon’s clothing item of choice is a pared down black coat. It’s still a somber choice, but a much more practical, work-friendly one too. Sulk around the city, soaking in the neon nights in this black jacket, which is sure to keep you safe and warm while you’re searching for clues. 

Whichever character you choose to take fashion inspiration from, you will be sure to look just as dapper and daring. You might not be spending your days in Gotham (which is probably a blessing), but you can pretend for a day or two in these pieces.

Alejandra Martinez

Alejandra Martinez

Alejandra Martinez is a Tejana writer and archivist. She has been published in The Texas Observer, Pomegranate Magazine, and We Got This Covered. You can often find her reading a good book, watching a movie, or writing at your local coffee shop.
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