Afternoon Snack

A time for tea and a time for the internet

International Sailor Moon Day is over and WOW WE HAD SO MUCH FUN. We cannot even begin to express how much it meant to all of us to see you there, and to see this community come together like that. Y'all are the best. While we take some time to recuperate, let's dig into our weekly internet-sustenance. Read more.


Magical Swimsuits: Decoding Their Arcane Properties

As it turns out, there is magic in the madness under all those awkward cutouts

If you study the below examples, you, too, will be able to read between the hemlines to find the magical properties hidden in these seemingly bizarre swimsuit fashion choices. Read more.


Afternoon Snack

Your weekly stash of goodness. Read more.


Afternoon Snack

Ambition, eagles, and Dragon Age thinkpieces

Good afternoon, POMEs! Welcome to a lovely mid-October Afternoon Snack! Everything is terrible, so here are some links and articles to sustain you through your day. Read more.

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How To Remove Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner or Die Trying

A Lazy Doofus Beauty Guide

Are you looking for the perfect beauty tool to tell the world “I want to look super cute for six hours and then spend the rest of the week looking like the ghost of a seasick raccoon?” Well look no further, because waterproof liquid eyeliner is here for you. Liquid eyeliner can help you achieve that fierce Bad Bitch Sailor Moon Villain aesthetic you’ve always dreamed of -- until you decide to take it off because as it turns out, that waterproof, semi-permanent face goop isn’t going anywhere. But no worries: I’m here to help you master a technique to get all that junk off your face (or at least upwards of 40% of it). Read more.

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Moon Podcast Power MAKE UP!! – 32 – Science Woman With Corn

CC and Ashley wince through Science Negs and get hyped for Cool Looks and cute outfits during episode 32 of Sailor Moon Crystal: Act.31 INFINITY 5 Setsuna Meioh - SAILOR PLUTO (what a mouthful!). Also in this episode: Hulu HPV prevention commercials we have loved, the merits of living accessories, and CC eternally pouring one out for Tellu / Queen Beryl (RIP). Read more.


6 Teens Go Through AMAZING Transformations! You Won’t Believe What Happens Next!

We literally can't even (pull these off)

These days, anybody can transform their whole look through a little bit of makeup and a handful of carefully-selected Youtube tutorials. But what if you could change more than your face? What if you could transform your entire #aesthetic? Six ordinary teens have accomplished just that. Cassie, Marco, Rachel, Jake, Tobias, and Ax have been #blessed with crazy powers that you just have to see to believe. Read more.


5 Cute New Pairs of Target Underwear (that every other woman you know also owns)

Let’s be real for a second: deep in the heart of your trash home is probably a trash dresser filled with all the clothes too ugly or ill-fitted to deserve a place in the giant, unfolded heap of laundry in a basket / on your floor. And in that trash dresser is probably a bunch of old pairs of underwear you bought sometime during that period of time where people were still really into Mad Men. Read more.