6 Teens Go Through AMAZING Transformations! You Won’t Believe What Happens Next!

These days, anybody can transform their whole look through a little bit of makeup and a handful of carefully-selected Youtube tutorials. But what if you could change more than your face? What if you could transform your entire #aesthetic? Six ordinary teens have accomplished just that. Cassie, Marco, Rachel, Jake, Tobias, and Ax have been #blessed with crazy powers that you just have to see to believe.



1. Rachel’s Insane Beach Look



I can’t #sea how she pulled this one off!


2. Marco’s Snakeskin Ensemble



So fierce!


3. Ax’s Bold Feathered Look



Out of this world!!!


4. Tobias’ Classic, Everyday Streetwear


A simple look for all occasions. We think this look is gonna stay on-trend #forever!


5. Jake’s On-the-Go Outfit



A fly new look — Jake, #yeerk totally crushin’ it!!


6. Cassie’s Sleek One-Piece



How could a kind and feeling god allow this to happen, uh, I mean, Cassie’s #contour technique is leagues ahead of the curve!




Cassie’s #Fitspo Metamorphosis 



Hork-Bajir, more like Hork-Beige-ir, am I right??


Needless to say, with skills like these, completely normal human beings and stalwart soldiers in the service of the most exalted Visser Three alike should look out for these teens in all the #amazing new looks they’ll be rolling out this year!



The Animorphs were unavailable for comment due to varied tragic circumstances.


CC Calanthe

CC Calanthe

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