66 Things To Do Instead of Torturing Yourself with the Inauguration

Instead of torturing yourself by watching the inauguration, here are some ways to get through this awful day:


1. Get ready for one of the many protests going down on Saturday

2. Protest after work today, if you can

3. Donate to an organization you care about

4. But also donate to Planned Parenthood, always be donating to Planned Parenthood

5. Look at a dog

6. Pet a dog

7. Think about dogs

8. Think about cats and their lil tiny bean feets

9. Play literally any Fallout game

10. Take up running or some other physical activity that will give you the endorphins you need to process

11. Sleep in

12. Call your mom (if you get along with your mom)

13. Kiss somebody you like

14. Make a preventative care or OBGYN appointment while you know you still can

15. Call some shitty legislators and give them a piece of your mind

16. Get in a Resistance Mood by watching all the original Star Wars movies

17. Listen to music that gets you pumped up

18. Get a bug-out bag

19. Eat some ice cream

20. Make mac and cheese

21. Try some deep breathing exercises

22. Volunteer at the food bank

23. Drink lots of water

24. Watch Bob Ross paint some happy trees

25. Build a blanket fort

26. Bake cookies

27. Clean your bathroom

28. Stare at Channing Tatum’s abs

29. Paint your nails

30. Reach out to somebody who’s having a hard time

31. Exfoliate

32. Talk your friends and family out of watching the inauguration too (don’t give that stale ass cheeto the ratings boost he so badly wants)

33. Listen to some good podcasts like Yo! Is This Racist? or Another Round

34. Call or email a badass legislator to encourage them over the days to come

35. Go out to lunch with a friend

36. Listen to the Hamilton Mixtape

37. Stock up on Plan B

38. Remind yourself that being angry as fuck is reasonable & feel your feelings

39. Remind yourself that being sad as fuck is reasonable & feel your feelings

40. Plan a project you’re excited about

41. Oppose Betsy DeVos for Secretary of Education

42. Have a drink to protest the inauguration

43. Thank Obama

44. Sign up to volunteer like, today, at peak rage

45. Do a small favor for a friend

46. Tackle something you’ve been putting off for a while

47. Remind somebody that you love and admire them, and tell them why

48. Hug somebody you care about

49. Cry if you want to

50. Don’t cry if you think it’ll just make you feel tired and queasy

51. Eat a fruit or a vegetable

52. Do your taxes

53. Celebrate the beautiful and amazing Obama/Biden friendship

54. Watch this video of Mr. Rogers making the Senate Subcommittee on Communications cry

55. Watch, in this order, the following episodes of Parks and Rec, provided you’ve seen them all:

  • Season 5 Episode 14: “Leslie and Ben” (for self-care)
  • Season 5 Episode 22: “Are You Better Off?” (for today)
  • Season 4 Episode 22: “Win, Lose, or Draw” (for inspiration)
  • Season 7 Episodes 12/13: “One Last Ride” (for hope)

56. Read (or re-read) this letter to you from Leslie Knope

57. Learn how to be the Leslie Knope you want to see in the world

58. Unfriend (or at the very least unfollow) your exes in preparation for post-inaugural boozin’ if you’re a sad/talkative drinker

60. Romance Garrus

61. Fire up your best hexes

62. Don your fanciest duds and makeup to dramatic music as if you are a TV knight in a putting-on-armor montage

63. Make fancy toast and re-read The Toast

64. Play with stickers

65. Read your old fanfiction (it’s better than you think)

66. Resist


Featured image credit: Biuf, the skateboarding dog

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