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Sweet Potato Pie: A Thanksgiving Recipe Comic

How to make Ashley's family's take on this holiday classic.

It's fall -- time for cooler weather, cute sweaters, and holidays. But, most importantly, it's pie season. Read more.

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Beauty Tips with Greer

Master Skin Care Mermaid Greer is back with all the Foundation tips you need

Take care of that beautiful mug of yours, no matter your skin type or how much coverage you need! Read more.

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A spell for getting rid of spiders, one way or another

"I don't have bug killer things -- but I have a spellbook!" Read more.

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The Confidence Spell

A spell to help your inner confidence shine on the outside, too

Rather than lying in bed, wondering how you ever tricked anyone into loving you, why don't you try out The Confidence Potion? Read more.

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A Spell for Finding Things That Are Lost

When you've looked everywhere and can't find it, give this spell a try! Read more.

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How to Forge & Enchant a Creep-Proof Disguise Amulet

A Talisman For Avoiding Terrible Social Interactions

By forging this Creep-Proof Disguise Amulet, you'll be able to bypass interactions with creeps everywhere that you encounter them. Read more.

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POMEmag Spellbook Week 2017: Foreword & Table of Contents

Sensible Witchcraft: A POMEmag Spellbook Tome

This week, we're guiding you through protective wards to shield you from creeps, spells to find things that are lost, charms to guide you in your darkest hour, and more as we post pages from Sensible Witchcraft: our auspicious magick tome. Read more.


Cocktail Hour with Madame: The Boulevardier

A Tool to Ignore Self-Important Male Authors

Boulevardiers, darling, are wonderful. They are the marriage of two of my favorite things: Negronis and Manhattans. Read more.

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Can YOU Scare the Kids Off Your Lawn??

Crones these days get no respect

Will your cackle be enough to combat this boldness from the youths?? Read more.

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The Purge: 13 Questionable Things I Found During a “Deep Clean” of My Bedroom

This ultimate quest took me to strange and dangerous places, full of odd discoveries that made me say, out loud, “Why the hell did I keep this?” Read more.

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