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Grease, but Gay

I'm ready to take Grease to the next step — headcanoning everybody to be gay and imagining who they would kiss!!!!! Read more.

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Romance Roundtable #2: Closer Encounters

Knockers and Hooch: The Untold Story

Today we’re discussing Closer Encounters by Merline Lovelace (Author) and Kazuna Uchida (Artist) — an inspirational tale about finding love and siphoning government resources to fund your sexy ghost exorcisms. Read more.

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Clamour Book Reviews

In which a rook is moved by the words of another, and a witch is not

A new book of the past, an old book of murder, and the place of violence. Read more.

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Romance Roundtable #1: Bought: One Husband

Let's take this husband back to the Husband Store

Welcome to Romance Roundtable: a feature where all four editorial POME Crones gather together to discuss a Harlequin romance manga. Today we’re discussing BOUGHT: ONE HUSBAND by Diana Hamilton  (Author) and Motoyo Fujiwara (Illustrator) -- a tragic tale of love, fake identities, sibling face-cupping, and disappearing half-ponytails. Read more.

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Clamour Book Reviews

In which a familiar analyzes magickal texts, and a witch says nothing

This week, the proprietors of Clamour Books and Tomes ruminate on various magical systems devised by mortals, and on the power of telling your own story. Read more.

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Clamour Book Reviews

In which a rook and his mistress read books, and speak of them

Clamour Books and Tomes is an old book shop in an even older part of town. Customers can always come by the store and see what books the pair has read recently — the proprietress might not answer, but the rook always has opinions to share. Read more.

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Why (Space) Nations Fail

In Mass Effect: Andromeda, the species of the Milky Way have wakened from their 600 year journey across dark space to try their hands/claws/tentacles at making it in the Andromeda galaxy. So, now that they're here, can we predict which outposts will thrive while others fall apart? Read more.


Neil Gaiman Bingo

This Neil Gaiman bingo card can help you keep up with all those whimsical, oddly specific Gaiman tropes you might be spending a little too much time with lately. Read more.

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Just Desserts Recipe 4: Vengeance on a Budget & Puppy Chow

Fuel for plotting revenge against a freeloading roommate

Vengeance on a Budget might taste like grape juice, rubbing alcohol, and old flip-flops all stuffed into a blender, but it’s a completely adequate vengeance and maybe the only one in your price point right now. Read more.


Just Desserts Recipe 3: Social Climber’s Vengeance & Elderflower Champagne Cocktail

A decadent drink to complement a decadent, vengeful lifestyle.

This simple Elderflower Champagne Cocktail is sweet enough to compliment a complex and expensive vengeance, yet elegant enough to turn heads at your next charitable fundraiser. Read more.