Afternoon Snack

Happy Tuesday, crones. I, for one, feel like the human equivalent of a bag of potato chips somebody left open all night. So come and join me in taking out for millenial nostalgia and anime food (among other things) in this afternoon linkpost.



This might be the most millennial thing to ever millennial about, but the Backstreet Boys and (some of) N’Sync are staring in Nick Carter’s zombie movie.


I had to edit a lot of caps and exclamation points out of that sentence, but to tell the truth, most of them just fell right out of there when I saw AJ McLean’s juggalo cosplay.



Remember sensible 80s business woman / typing tutor Mavis Beacon? Well just like Betty Crocker, Dr. Pepper, and ghosts, Mavis Beacon is nothing but a cruel deception. I’ve never been so disillusioned in my life.



Alternatives to Alternatives: the Black Grrrls Riot Ignored


But for all the struggling to distill what Riot Grrrl was and remains in the past and present, there’s one thing that can be agreed on: Somewhere among the grafs remembering “revolution grrrl now!” the history of Riot Grrrl is inevitably written as “predominately white,” glossing over the contributions of black women and other women of color.



What To Expect When You’re Expecting A Changeling: Forum Names On Message Boards For First-Time Mothers Of Changelings – come for the tips on weaning a changeling from blood after two years, stay for the changeling parenting acronyms.



This one is kind of an old one, but just a reminder: everybody in comics is broke.



Coming in 2017: more Jen Wang, period costumes, and comics about beautiful guys in beautiful dresses. We’re really looking forward to The Prince and the Dressmaker! Really hoping that the whole period-drama-Princess-Jellyfish-but-with-a-more-sensitive-babby-lead vibe I’m getting from the promo art is something we can look forward to in this title.



I rediscovered my favorite youtube video of all time last night and would like to bring you all back to 2012:  a simpler time, when Autotune was so popular that even PBS had to get into the action. This remix will remind you about how Mister Rogers was the physical embodiment of goodness in the world and was far too pure for this garbage planet; RIP, neighbor.





Got a suggestion for something to fill up our worthless weekdays? Drop us some links in the comments!

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Afternoon Snack

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