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Welcome to (pretty much) September 2015! As our lives rapidly pass us by, let’s take a moment for science fiction, science (speculative) fiction, dudes being The Worst, and some good, old-fashioned nerdy obsession fodder. Grab your lunch, grab a seat, and settle in for an Afternoon Snack.



LET’S GO TO MARSIn other news, my ethics about privatized services and my blind, functional-thought-eclipsing delight in space travel are at odds with each other right now.



Terrible Dudes Being Terrible: the Comics Industry Professional edition.



Can we recognize that Anne Hathaway’s Interstellar RBF & Space BAMF look was the most inspirational part of that movie. She is gracing us unworthy terrestrials with a sci-fi comedy in the coming future that 2/2 POME crones are already planning on seeing.



Dragon Age: Inquisition is getting a Citadel-level ending DLC, to the delight of Bioware nerds everywhere. As the only person I know who never actually beat Inquisition, I’d better get a move-on if I don’t want all of y’all spoiling it for me.



The most timeless songs of the 90s – via Spotify, compiled by Polygraph. I don’t care how meticulous Polygraph was with their methodology; as No Scrubs isn’t #1, I find this research completely flawed.



While we’re not quite ready to change our website’s name to Mad POME: Fury Crones yet, we’re still here to supply y’all with all things Vuvalini & company. Here’s the Honest Trailer for Mad Max: Fury Road.



We’re Sick of All This Beauty: All the Women in These Comics Have the Same Face” – Nadia Bauman on Beautiful Lady Sameface Syndrome in comics.



Akiko Higashimura, AKA arguably the best person working in comics right now (of Princess Jellyfish and Kakukaku Shikajika for those of you precious babies who have some wonderful comics-reading ahead of you) is working on a new title about a handsome detective solving food-based mysteries.

In other news, please go read Kakukaku Shikajika and also where the hell is the live-action Princess Jellyfish movie????



Related: Anna Sui’s Shoujo Couture. The things I would do for that Rose of Versailles bag…



Khaleesi is the Queen of Going-Out Tops” – I do not approve of posts that call Daenerys “Khaleesi” as her given name; I do approve of going-out tops (especially when they’re versatile enough for home, the office, a night out with friends, and vengeance). Warning — slideshow.



“Golden Retriever” Movies: Cooperation and Trust in Action

In contrast, the golden retriever trope highlights the idea of cooperation, especially men cooperating with women — not to show off or to save them, but as the way they’ll succeed. Women aren’t important to the story because the male character is interested in them; women are important to the story because they are vital to the plot and the plan against the enemy. The characters don’t always immediately trust each other, but they do have to put their trust in each other within a short amount of time — and what’s rare about the male “golden retriever” characters is that they do this without questioning the female characters’ skills. Each relationship grows as a result of that initial trust when they go into action: Raleigh and Mako trust the newfound connection they have, Cap trusts Black Widow and goes on the run with her, and Furiosa trusts Max to drive when she yells “Fool!”



Let’s Be Real: Two Women in Their Latter Twenties Watch the 2005 Pride & Prejudice – The Toast continues to be the best; how did they know we just watched this movie last week; what kind of quantum entanglement is happening here



Well, that’s us this week. What have you guys been reading, watching, or thinking about? Drop us some suggestions in the comments.


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