Afternoon Snack

Kotaku tried to track down and acquire the long-lost American Sailor Moon pilot tape, but they found… something else entirely.


We shake hands. We filter into a back room stacked high with vintage video transferral hardware and three glowing screens. We pop in the tape.

A flute plays, bells tinkle. A jungle appears. Then, rainbow doves. “Created by Frank Ward,” a title card reads. The camera moves through the bushes and happens upon a glistening hot tub of angelic women in Greek-goddess attire. Suddenly, it cuts to two small girls playing in front of a speeding train. The women spring into action.


It’s time to fly

Team Angel.

“This is it,” Ward says.

This is not it.



Not unrelated to the above, this fascinating comic in The Nib shows us how our memories can be altered by our very selves, and potentially others, without our even being aware of it.



SDCC has come and gone, and with it went a frankly incredible Eisner ceremony, which saw Karen Berger, Dave Gibbons, Jackie Ormes, and Rumiko Takahashi all inducted into the Hall of Fame, AND the first woman to win the Best Writer award, Marjorie Liu. POME fave Taneka Stotts accepted the Best Anthology Eisner for Elements: Fire, and gave an appropriately fiery, deeply inspiring speech. There were too many faves honored to name-drop them all, so check out the full list of winners over at Hollywood Reporter!



On to the announcements out of SDCC we’re most excited about!

Unapologetic badass Chelsea Cain is making her Marvel comics comeback with a Vision series!

Kelly Sue DeConnick’s move to DC is giving us some exciting surprises with a new run on Aquaman in this works, and, oh yeah, Grant Morrison is writing about space cops or something.

This DC young readers line is looking pretty fun, even for ancient crones such as ourselves.


Supergirl is stepping up its game by adding Nicole Maines to the cast, playing TV’s very first trans superhero!

Let’s go, lesbians!! CW is developing a Batwoman TV show, and WE ARE SO BEYOND READY TO LIVE-TWEET THIS WITH Y’ALL.

Us too, Vita. US. TOO.

Even superheroes need to blow off steam, especially during SDCC, and who better for teen dream Spider-man to goof with than the Greatest Of All Time, Missy Elliot??

All the excitement and constant capslocking of SDCC just a little too much for you? How about you refresh yourself with Ernest Hemingway’s delicately restrained coverage.



Whether you’re bummed or relieved that SDCC is over, take a deep breath and get ready for this coming weekend, when an overwhelming number of faves will be doing it all again, BUT GAYER, at FlameCon! (PS, if you’re exhibiting and want a little shout-out from us, drop us a line!)



Here at POME, we will never fail to deliver you thirsty crones the LATEST, HOTTEST news items on ghost sex and the women who swear by it.

Not to kink-shame or anything, but maybe you’re looking for an easier alternative to trash men than fickle horny spirits? Try being gay!



Here’s an interesting opportunity for anyone who loves writing about ~*the cinema*~: apply for the New York Film Festival Critics’ Academy, geared towards new writers who want a leg up into the film criticism world.



If you are rich and not a coward, may we suggest you should follow recently-revealed feminist hero Susan Unterberg’s example and fund womens’ art!



Indie game alert! Pay what you want for this solo play game ritual wherein you are a witch who makes salad FOR REVENGE!



Here’s some #breaducation to go with that salad: Scientists found the oldest evidence of bread, and we are suddenly filled with love for the ancient humans who made all our carbohydrated dreams come true.



Leave room for dessert and peep this adorable soft-serve crossbody bag, for when you want to look like a damn Afternoon Snack. 😉 😉 😉



And now, your reward for making it most of the way through Monday and all the way through this post: Keanu Reeves on a horse!!!


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