Afternoon Snack

It’s October 1st!! The best time of the year, in our opinion. And we’re celebrating with nothing but the finest of the internet’s little trinkets. Ready?

Reigster to vote, with cats.

Don’t forget the reason for the autumn season, DOG COSTUMES.

Running out of dog costume ideas? How about this BRAND-NEW GIANT DINOSAUR some folks found in South Africa?

Bless Noelle Stevenson for sharing this amazing little comic about Dungeons & Dragons.

We are dying to get our hands on a copy of Tillie Walden’s new sci-fi graphic novel, On A Sunbeam. If you’ve already read it, we’re jealous!!

Any science crones in the house? Christine Liu wrote some great advice for applying to grants.

Ohohoho! According to Publishers Weekly, the demand for middle grade comics is higher than ever! Especially for stories centered around girls, as it turns out.

Oh, how about that, here’s another gorgeous comic we’re excited for! The cover reveal for Mariko Tamaki and Rosemary Valero-O’Connell’s Laura Dean Keeps Breaking Up With Me is just exquisite.

Is this work-life balance?

This Queer Eye meetup at Mama Tammye’s church is very emotional.

Tessa Thompson talked about her role in the upcoming Creed II and it made us extra excited to see this movie!!

Why are fictional maps so good????

What else can we say but, relatable:

And now, for some top-notch anime content.

Thanks for being here on this wild and crazy earth, everybody. Hope you enjoyed your snack!

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