Museum of Natural Mystery – Small Wonder # 5: No Matter How You Slice It

Science is Cool. Just ask Professor Anusuya Chinsamy-Turan, award-winning South African paleobiologist.

Today, we spotlight Professor Anusuya Chinsamy-Turan: a South African paleobiologist who is out there proving that while the dinosaurs might be extinct, paleontology is still very much alive. Read more.


Museum of Natural Mystery – Exhibit 13: Terrible Lizards

What was the first-known dinosaur?

What was the first dinosaur to be called a dinosaur? Museum of Natural Mystery is back for season 2! Read more.


Museum of Natural Mystery – Catch ‘Em All # 1: Extinct Pokemon

Exploring the Origins of Fossil Pokemon

"Find new species and catalog them." That's been the driving force behind natural history, but it's also the prime directive of Pokemon. Read more.


Museum of Natural Mystery – Small Wonder # 3: “Eddie”

Edward Drinker Cope's Traveling Bones

If you thought E.D. Cope's story ended with the Bone Wars, think again. Read more.


Museum of Natural Mystery – Exhibit 12: The Bone Wars – Season Finale

The Most Vicious Rivalry In All of Paleontology

Paleontologists O.C. Marsh and E.D. Cope gave us some of the most beloved dinosaurs of all time, but they destroyed each other in the process. Read more.


Museum of Natural Mystery – Exhibit 9: Monsters of Antiquity

The Cyclops and the Griffin: Ancient Animals?

The discovery of dinosaur bones and fossilized animal remains didn't begin with paleontology as we know it. Today we explore the impact of fossils on ancient cultures. Read more.


Afternoon Snack

This week's news: gay ghosts, Teen Vogue, and dinosaurs!!!!

Here are some links and articles to mull over in this lovely December Afternoon Snack. Read more.


Museum of Natural Mystery – Exhibit 2: The Trouble With Mosasaurs

T-Rex of the Sea vs. Extinction

Mosasaurus recently leapt into the limelight thanks to Jurassic World, but did you know that it also turned the world upside down? Today we tell the troubled tale of Mosasaurus and the man who used it to prove extinction was real: Georges Cuvier. Read more.

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Sidekicked Issue #7 – I came for the raptors, I stayed cause my legs were eat’n

Jurassic World might have featured dinosaurs, but it's real focus was on the audience. Listen and see why that is! Read more.