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Hello POMEs! It’s Monday and a lot happened last week, so let’s go over the best and the worst things we saw.



If you’re interested in supporting indie authors and also literature about games, definitely check out this months StoryBundle and support smart people who talk about cool things.



2/2 POME crones were totally floored and absolutely enheartened by these gentle Norwegian bodybuilders that visit a tiny town when they need a self-esteem boost. They are beefy bros who have each other’s backs and aren’t afraid to admit when they need a little pick-me-up. A++++++++++++ would visit a tiny town with anyday




This profile on Nicki Minaj is amazing, but mostly because she doesn’t have time for the interviewer’s condescension. Also, “Bell Hooks?” Whug. Nicki Minaj is the best.



This writer was already very excited for Jessica Jones but man, add in nuanced representation of lesbian relationships and adult sex and my hopes keep getting higher??? So many promises to keep, don’t let me down, JJ, don’t let me down.



This article is a solid if brief history of female anger – from 16th century writer Jane Anger to Virginia Woolf to Audrey Lore to Swiftian girl squads to Pussy Riot. Anger as a destabilizing, personal, uncompromising movement. Basically, we “don’t fucking care if you like it”.



I’m trying to imagine what the intended audience was for this horror story about sex toys written in 1937 by Daphne du Maurier – was it an ernest warning against ‘sexually deviant’ women and the havoc they may wreak on the poor men that cross their paths? Or was it a tongue-in-cheek story that women shared and giggled about collectively in their private gatherings, laughing at the fragile masculinity and sexual prowess of the men in their lives? I choose to believe it’s the latter.



Libraries are beautiful places and we would prefer not to discuss our own current late fee balances at our local libraries.



It’s hard for us not to post every Ask Polly every week because they are all mystically very appropriate to our lives at any given time (how????? why??????????? what kind of collective unconscious are you tapping into, Polly) but this one is so on point that 2/2 POME crones sent it to each other with the mixed feelings of relief and incredulity that comes from recognizing a piece on the internet that seems written for you expressly.



Wondaland QUEEN Janelle Monáe talks style and evolution during Paris Fashion Week:

Style is all about evolution. When I pick clothes I see no gender. Of course as I grow as an artist, as a woman, as a record label owner, and fashion enthusiast I embrace new and different ways to express myself. The change in style isn’t really a change—it’s just growing, evolving.



Now none of you have an excuse not to watch Jane the Virgin. GO DO IT NOW.



A very brave Parisian journalist decided to conduct an experiment and say yes to every man that approached her on the street for two weeks. The results: creeps are creeps and some men know it and some men don’t.



This is the best possible response to the campus carry law coming to Texas public universities next year.



And there you have it! What were some of the best things you saw on the internet last week?


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