Afternoon Snack

Another day, another dollar… another Star War!!

Move, I’m gay!! For Star Wars!!!

On the subject of legends old and new: this interview with a cat makeup artist is very possibly the Why Paint Cats of our generation.

Nothing says, “I cherish you and all your flaws and wish to spend the rest of my life making you snacks just for fun” like a heckin’ Card Captor Sakura engagement ring!! Like, no sarcasm or irony here, only adorable anime sidekicks and the renewed hope that we will one day find a way to monetize our 7th grade anime fanart binders.

As the fifth and final season of Pome fave Jane The Virgin airs, we’ve got romance on the brain. This article discusses the decades-long and still ongoing battle to combat racism in the genre, and particularly in its most prominent award, the Rita.

Despite her success, Alexander knows all about the barriers that make it more difficult for authors of colour to succeed. On the morning we met, we visited her local Walmart to look at the book section. Her latest Harlequin romance was on display, but it was not placed with the other romance novels. Instead, it was on a separate shelf marked with a neat label: African American. Alongside Alexander’s romance were assorted books with black people on the cover: a “spiritual guidebook” by film-maker Tyler Perry, the rapper Gucci Mane’s autobiography and “street lit” novels about black protagonists struggling to succeed in tough urban environments.

Last but not least, love nothing more than a good astrology shitpost, but this Signs as Outfits from The Devil Wears Prada is not only disturbingly insightful, but also a fascinating trip back into early aughts high fashion.

Enjoy the rest of your week, Pomes: may your snacks and your Games of Thrones takes stay piping hot.

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