#Star Wars

Afternoon Snack

The Rise of Snackeater!!

Porg Hell

Abandon Hope All Ye Who Enter Star Wars Merchandising Hell

2017 Crones of the Year

The top 10 fictional crones that inspired us through the hellscape of 2017

Fangirl Nostalgia: Rereading My Teenage Fanfiction

Adolescent adventures in shipping, self-inserts, and questionable romantic subplots

7 Reasons Why General Leia Organa is the Hero We Need (and Deserve) Right Now

She’s a general, princess, leader of the Rebel Alliance, and a fascist-fighting badass — is there a better sci-fi lady to look to in our troubling times?

I Watched the Star Wars Prequels So You Don’t Have To

This is not the prescient political fairytale you’re looking for.

Space Week 2: Blasting Off

A week of outer space-themed articles and comics

Sidekicked Issue #85 – Is Rogue One our New Hope?

Many Bothans died to bring us this review

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