Afternoon Snack

Can anyone tell me what the Westeros equivalent to Doritos is? Anyone?

Thanks to a viral advertisement, we now know that it’s technically legal to discriminate against potential tenants due to astrological sign. Fortunately for some, it is a truth universally acknowledged that a single tenant in possession of a large apartment, must be in want of a Virgo roommate…

Lisa Hanawalt is making a comedy about bird women and we’re on board!! Men, you’re allowed too, I guess, it’s canon, but do try to keep up, okay?

The Facebook Portal, has, it appears, exactly two fans willing to go on record as liking it. Remember when the internet was fun?

Oh hey also, remember when watching sex on TV was fun? Yeah, we don’t either, so you may as well read this list of Games of Thrones characters who should bone each other. That’s right, we live in the future, and HBO’s one and only gazillion-dollar high fantasy “nerd” franchise is just one long shitpost.

If you’re intentionally missing out on the Game of Thrones zeitgeist (which, frankly: good for you), you might enjoy this essay on The Dragon Prince, and how to do high fantasy on television right.

Regardless of where your fantasy loyalties lie, praise be to BoneBone, the one true Snack Queen of all the realms.

May your early May be blissfully devoid of overdone May-related puns, folks! See you next week!

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Afternoon Snack

For those who are concerned about the Supreme Court, the New York Times Monday morning newsletter has a very helpful summary of Amy Coney Barrett’s

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