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Dragon armor makes sense AND is rad as hell. So, um, where is it?

One singular issue is now at the front of my mind regarding this show: The very serious and absurd lack of DRAGON ARMOR. Read more.


21 Thoughts When Re-Watching Game of Thrones

A.K.A. Really Watching For The First Time

Cersei, a member of one of the richest families of the realm, had a wig right out of a B-list Lifetime biopic throughout seasons one through five. They couldn't afford to get her a decent lace front? Read more.

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2015 Crones of the Year

POMEmag ranks this past year's most majestic fictional crones

From our magazine’s inception onwards, we have been stalwart in our appreciation of magical, tough old broads who don’t have time for anybody’s bullshit. Crones are an integral part of the POMEmag brand. Throughout this year, POMEmag editors have been taking note of the most magnificent, wizened aspirational fictional characters we obsessed over in the past year. Without further ado, we present our top 10 crones of 2015. Read more.

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Ground to a Pulp: Sexualizing Women in Media Crime Narratives

Who was the first creepy TV producer to puzzle over a murder mystery script and advise the writers to add in just a little bit more cadaver jugs? I mean, somebody must have been the first, right? Whoever it was left a pretty rich legacy behind, as crime subgenres from legal dramas to murder mysteries all share a love for ladies with a bad case of Sexy Death. Read more.

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Mad Max: Furious Broads

A Film-Illiterate Person Reviews A Movie About Crones on Wheels

“The movie's happening, and it's happening to me.” Those are words Roger Ebert used to describe Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope in his 1977 review. Once or twice in a generation, a film is so revolutionary and affecting that both the world outside of the theater and the people within it are changed forever through the power of the silver screen: Citizen Kane. Toy Story. Jurassic Park. Gone With The Wind. Birdemic. As of this summer, there’s a new entry to that prestigious cannon: Mad Max: Fury Road. Read more.