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While we sit here mourning the passing of Halloween, 2015, and our quickly-fleeting youths, we’re bringing you some interesting links to distract you from the fact that you, too, will someday die. You know, the same old Afternoon Snack stuff you’ve come to know and love. Let’s talk about Star Trek!



We hope that you guys are using Rachel’s Ukulele Spells to improve your life through musical magic. Here are some emoji-based spells for those of us who are less musically-inclined.



Related: A history of witches and midwifery. Read this one if you’re interested in the history of women’s health and want to see some straight-up “but men were burned at the stake, too!” article comments.



Our neighboring coven Rough House recently got some great buzz in The Comics Journal, so you should read all the nice things people are saying about them.



Just in case you hadn’t heard, Neko Atsume is in English now!



So we’ve all heard about the new Star Trek show by now, right? Ok, good. I’m starting to get really worried that this is not, in fact, the Worf-exclusive Trek people have been whispering about for years. Does Michael Dorn know about this?

Also: give me some predictions, guys. Do you think this show is going to take place in Old Trek cannon, or New Trek cannon? You might be thinking, “come on, nerds, get over your shit, who even cares about Vulcan anyway?” I would have agreed with you at first, but this show is gonna be hosted on a CBS-exclusive streaming service rather than something people know, like Netflix. Who’s going to subscribe to that shit? NERDS WILL. So don’t mind me, I’ll just be over here getting my hopes up about a cerebral, non-lens-flare-y post-DS9 Trek to light up my days.



A delightful history of the edible sex toy industry, submitted without comment.



The internet can be really scary and terrible, especially if you’re a woman who’s sick of being told to smile.

And even though I wanted to reply, to put each of those scared little baby men in their place, I held my tongue, I privated my account, and I waited in my car outside Ralph’s daycare until my hands stopped shaking and my heart slowed down. I did this because unlike these men, with online pseudonyms, it’s me online. My face, my name. And because I am afraid of retaliation, I had to hide on the Internet the same way I’d have to run and lock my front door if this man had said that to my face.

It was hard to pick just one excerpt from Nora McInerny Purmot’s powerful essay about the terrifying, precarious place women who defend themselves online find themselves in, so we highly recommend reading the whole thing.



Indie comics artists moving over to animation is nothing new, but the way this trend has been picking up in recent years signals some interesting times for the comics industry. In particular: comics people are getting paid to do great work, which is always a plus.



“Don’t go to an impressive school or have a good job. Work at Yelp for three weeks, embrace your death, and do your best” – Mallory Ortberg talked about starting The Toast at XOXO Fest.



Yes, yes, we know, these are great links. But, seriously — WHAT DO YOU GUYS THINK ABOUT THIS NEW STAR TREK SHOW???? Please give us all of your finest fan theories in the comments.



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