Afternoon Snack

As we mentioned last week, POME was at SDCC! We’ll tell you all about it soon but in the meantime, enjoy this special midweek Afternoon Snack!

There is SO MUCH great comics news this week, but one of the greatest and most amazing bombshells was also one of the most unexpected: the first-ever official licensed release of Rose of Versailles is definitely coming, and boy does it ever look GORGEOUS. 

We’re looking forward to giving Udon Press all our money for these unbelievably beautiful books. 

Can’t believe how #blessed we were with all these exciting MCU developments, too. Teyonah Parris as Monica Rambeau?? Tessa Thompson as King of Asgard searching for her queen in the new Thor movie???? Live 2 live in hope for this dawning of a new era.

Everything in Shortbox No. 11 looks AMAZING and we just wish the preorder period was one day longer (so we could fit in one more payday before we scoop it up). 

Without further ado, the 2019 Eisner Award Winners! Very excited to see these titles get well-deserved recognition. (Please go read Tokyo Tarareba Girls, honestly!)

One more piece of hot comics news: Random House rolls out an excellent lineup of YA comics titles. A ways back, our very own Connor Shea covered why Bug Boys is such a poignant and beautiful work here on POMEmag – so we’re especially excited to see the series get picked up by Random House!


Last but not least: we’re ending this week’s Afternoon Snack on a true masterpiece of cinema:

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