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Leo season has arrived AND IT SHOWS!!

Pome fave Indya Moore is IN A KICKSTARTER THAT YOU CAN THROW MONEY AT RIGHT NOW for Magic Hour, a SFF/horror anthology show written and directed by Che Grayson! Go go go, friends, we really want to see this show! They only have a couple days to go and less than $5k to raise, and as we have all learned, the last days of a Kickstarter campaign are absolutely crucial to success. Spread the word!!!!

Is 2019 gonna end up being a banner year for indie comics? Because we cannot wait to get our hands on this new series of noir comics, November, by Matt Fraction and Elsa Charretier, AND new Pretty Deadly by Kelly Sue DeConnick and Emma Ríos!!!

Katie Skelly, who rocks, has a new column about short form comics, and is looking for people to talk you. POMEs, check it out!

Missy Elliott has a new album out, and Ashley C. Ford has an incredible interview with her about it in Marie Claire. There’s a FABULOUS new “Tempo” music video with Missy in it, too.

For the cryers: this essay on a broken engagement by CJ Hauser will hit you where it hurts, especially if you have a thing for waterfowl and/or the Gulf Coast.

For the ragers: Amazon’s facial recognition software, “Rekognition,” is not selling with police departments. Don’t breathe a sigh of relief yet, though, because their video doorbell, Ring, is:

With Amazon’s Ring smart camera doorbell, for months the company has been partnering with local police departments to hand out free or discounted Ring systems to residents, which allows police to request and access footage directly from the smart doorbell cameras using Ring’s Neighbors app.* Police departments in cities as big as Dallas, Philadelphia, Birmingham, Phoenix, and Oklahoma City all have joined Ring’s police program, according to a new map from the digital rights advocacy group Fight for the Future, which tracks which cities and towns have inked police department deals with Amazon to use Ring. The map also lists smaller cities that have contracts, like Kalamazoo, Michigan, and Maywood, New Jersey. More cities may follow suit.

Need a palate cleanser? Here’s some Uranus/Neptune fanart, because we love you.

Dragon Age 4 appears to be set in Tevinter, and look, we will take, and we cannot stress this enough, anything we can get.

In spicier BioWare news, remember when Rachel and CC finally got to romance Garrus last week after starting their Mass Effect replay in 2016? Well, things escalated quickly…

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