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It was Adult Halloween this weekend, and here’s pretty much what we were up to:

NPR’s Code Switch has a helpful annual reminder on the Do’s and Don’ts of Halloween, for those who could use it. We’re just mad we didn’t even THINK of dressing up as 30-50 feral hogs.

On the serious side: it’s past time to stop grieving our transgender relatives’ transitions, and start celebrating them.

The first step toward just consideration of trans people is for our loved one to deal with their negative feelings about our transition as far away from us as possible. Whether they seek solace from their own friends, a support group or a professional therapist, it is ultimately their responsibility, and not ours, to deal with their grief. Expecting us to comfort them promotes the transphobic idea that cisgender people’s feelings must be prioritized over ours, even when we are clearly dealing with so much more, and those expressions of grief are harmful to us.

This week we found out that our beloved Lily of Lily’s Garden is a candy corn liker! (PS: you can see what “sexy” Halloween costume goes with candy corn on our Halloween quiz by regular POME contributor Alejandra!)

This comic explaining the term “Latinx,” its uses, and solutions for gender-neutral Spanish pronunciations is EXCELLENT.

Are you gonna be in Seattle for Short Run or Geek Girl Con? Perhaps you should make some time to see “Flesh and Blood: Italian Masterpieces from the Capodimonte Museum” at the Seattle Art Museum, featuring our very favorite painting ever (?) Judith Beheading Holofernes!!

This already happened, but we’d just like to thank Friends of POME, The Beacon Cinema, for creating the very best Halloween-themed anime show a pal could ask for.

Go forth and enjoy the best day of the year!

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