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Finding Self-Respect (Part 4)

An illustrated value about being your honest self

So now that I'm at the end, I have to ask: do I know what self-respect means to me, and do I respect myself? Read more.

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Finding Self-Respect (Part 3)

An illustrated essay about coping with your emotions

There is a certain popular line of thinking as to how one should deal with difficult feelings: "Pull yourself together. Keep a stiff upper lip. Tough it out, and walk it off." Read more.

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Finding Self-Respect (Part 2)

An illustrated essay of on recognizing your value

Looking into my past, I see that one of the most important things to me was being liked by others. Read more.

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Finding Self-Respect (Part 1)

An illustrated essay of self discovery

When people told me I lack self respect, I would draw a blank. Read more.


Duck Hook: Part 2

C'mon, what are you waiting for? Read more.

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From Tumblr to My Wall: Two Fanart Commissions and the Artists Who Created Them

I'm really into sci-fi characters wearing flower crowns, OK?

I’m a fan of fanart. I’m pretty open about how much I enjoy writing fanfiction, but when it comes to fanart, I’m a fan, simply put, not a creator. And that’s fine with me! I’ve written before about how much I love commissioning fanart, and this time I wanted to take a closer look at the world of fan artists by showcasing two brand new pieces and talking to the artists about their work. Read more.

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Bowie: Our Space Oddity

Remembering David Bowie

The Prettiest Star travels from Station to Station periodically, and decided he was ready to shape the scheme of things once more. In my days of grieving, I felt the need to share some of the highlights of his life and reflect on his otherworldly impact on art and culture. Read more.

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Afternoon Snack

POMEs, another week is upon us, filled with things to both amaze and dismay. Take a look as we serve up the most important things we saw this week, from Pantone's colors of the year to Wendy Davis' call to not give up the good fight. Read more.

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