Afternoon Snack

Did all of you POMEs shake off your food comas from the weekend this morning, or are you still regretting a weekend of leftovers on top of leftovers? However overfed you’re feeling today, we hope you saved room for an afternoon snack to tide you over until your next turkey-and-stuffing sandwich.



For a show that prides itself on its sometimes-completely-ridiculous melodramatic plot points, Jane the Virgin gets super real about breast pumps and baby poop. Also, we hope that you watch it because we want to enjoy it for many more seasons.


Alternatively, JtV viewers:  is this an uncanny or what?




Coincidence? Or providence?


(Rogelio would make a KILLER king of Crystal Tokyo, though, just saying).



In other TV-related news, more praise for Marvel’s Jessica Jones and its depiction of abuse, control, and helplessness.



Where should millennials live? Tiny houses, naturally. (I personally don’t think I could Kon-Mari my life enough to fit everything I need to survive in one of those Tiny Houses ™. But if you can, more power to you).



Now that we’ve built you up with some good stuff, here’s some sad news for American women. You probably heard about that tragic Planned Parenthood shooting. Well it may not be an isolated incident, as apparently real and threatened violence against Planned Parenthood clinics has been on the rise since those disgusting hoax videos were released this summer. Stay safe out there, women’s health advocates.



Even more sad news: in a surprise to no one, self-induced abortion is on the rise in Texas post HB2.



Alright! Onto something a whole lot cooler. Daisy Jones take a look at black punk rock pioneers (and includes lots of great audio!). RIP Poly Styrene.



The physical toll of comics art: comics artists talk about drawing injuries (and how to avoid them).



Well we don’t know about you guys, but we need a nap. Hit us up with whatever you’re reading these days in the comments!


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