Afternoon Snack

It was a rough week and weekend for many, with political shenanigans, seasonal illnesses, and public mourning. So take a breather with us, and enjoy this mood-boosting snack.

Last night was the Grammy Awards which means: epic looks!!!!

Today in POME’s longstanding tradition of supporting our friends, we want to invite you to join the FIFTH annual Geek Girl Strong 1up Wellness Challenge! Perfect for folks of all lifestyles, the 1up Challenge delivers seven days of super-practical workout, nutritional, and mental health self-care challenges to your inbox, AND it’s pay-what-you-can! Need some extra convincing? Read about Ashley’s experience at Robyn’s in-person workshop at Geek Girl Con late last year.

Following up with the most heartening news of the week, we were delighted to learn that Oakland’s Moms 4 Housing have won their fight against real estate speculators, and will be allowed to buy the house they occupied since November.

The group Moms 4 Housing entered the house on Magnolia Street on 18 November with the intent to stay. The house had sat vacant for more than two years before it was purchased in July at a foreclosure auction for $501,078 by Wedgewood Properties, a real estate investment company with a history of buying up foreclosed-upon houses cheaply, evicting the tenants, renovating the homes and then putting them back on the market at much higher prices.

Longtime POME heroes Kelly Sue DeConnick and Emma Ríos have crafted a timely and extraordinary Hollywood noir in Pretty Deadly: The Rat, which has recently wrapped and received a glowing review in The AV Club. Click through for some lovely excerpts and analysis.

Shout out to librarians in general, but also this particular librarian, who rejected free books to do the right thing for the communities she serves.

Nerds at the crossroads of books and fashion: now is your time. If you haven’t already seen it, take a peek at Louis Vuitton’s 2020 look book, styled as pulp fiction book covers.

We stumbled across an older Medium essay on Chrono Cross and its heavy environmental themes, and we’re a little sad to say that it feels all-too-relevant in this ever-escalating climate crisis. As fake gamers, we never knew 90s RPGs outside the Final Fantasy universe went that hard…

And in conclusion… we love the drumming duck. Thank you for service, drumming duck.

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