Afternoon Snack

Glimmers and glints of the outside world carry us through this last, monstrous week of May.

This past Memorial Day, the New York Times covered the front page with names and small remembrances of just a fraction of the near 100,000 people lost to COVID-19 in the U.S. Cartoonist Nicole LaLiberty drew a touching tribute to some of the people who were known for the food they made to nourish and show love for others.

As we venture into summer during an ongoing pandemic, NPR created a very helpful guide to typical summer activities, on a scale of low-risk to high-risk. Keep it saved and maybe share it with your friends who need a little convincing.

Bless the teens who have the wit and fortitude to make evergreen memes during the hell of distance learning.

Blessings also to Kodansha Comics, who have released an absolutely killer humble bundle available until June 9, including POME fave Princess Jellyfish and millennial manga-boom shame-nostalgia trip *mumbles indistinctly* Love Hina.

If you’re into early 20th-century industrialization-anxiety fiction, you’ll love this write-up on LitHub of E.M. Forsters “The Machine Stops,” a 1909 short story that eerily reflects our current age of social distancing.

Ready for a mysterious natural phenomenon that is bound to cheer up even the glummest of the glum? Introducing: glacier mice, fuzzy moss bolls that grow on glaciers and seem to move en masse in ways that science has not yet explained. That’s some Miyazaki-level cuteness!

We don’t care if it’s real. All hail the Nazi-killing catfish, canonized aquatic crone elder.
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