How to Turn that Summer Fling into an Autumn Romance

While we don’t recommend stalking your summer lover to their hometown if they’re not local (we can’t all be Sandy and Danny and live the plot of Grease), we do have some alternative go-big-or-go-home suggestions to help force that emotional bond so your summer fling can withstand the changing of the seasons. Read more.


Summer Lovin’ Week: Love at First Sight

Summer Lovin’ Week is a triple digit tribute to crushes of all kinds -- the ephemeral ones that melt away before the school year starts, and the formative ones that stick with you for the rest of your life. Read more.


13 Completely Necessary Mermaid Accessories for Summer

Embrace a mermaid aesthetic this year...or else

If land people everywhere don’t incorporate the maximum amount of mermaids into our summer essentials, the whole season is literally cancelled. Flip-flops and snow cones aren’t going to cut it, alright? The sea goddess Salacia is watching, and she must be appeased. Read more.


Magical Swimsuits: Decoding Their Arcane Properties

As it turns out, there is magic in the madness under all those awkward cutouts

If you study the below examples, you, too, will be able to read between the hemlines to find the magical properties hidden in these seemingly bizarre swimsuit fashion choices. Read more.


Cthulhu’s Summer Vacation

5 Hot Vacation Spots for the Adventurous Elder God

I, Cthulhu, The Great Old One, the High Priest of the Great Old Ones, The Great Dreamer, am exhausted. After years upon years of listening to the drones of cultists and the screams of the insane, I need a break. Everyone needs to take time to unwind during the summer, even part-octopus, part-dragon Elder Gods. Here are my top five places to to reinvigorate myself after many months of torturing the lesser beings of the world. Read more.

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Sidekicked Issue #59 – Summer is nothing to Marvel about

If we lived in a world of capes and cowls, would summer vacation really be something to look forward to? Read more.


POMEmag Presents: The Beach Episode

Grab the sunscreen because POMEmag's hitting the beach for a summer solstice theme week

The heat index is in the triple digits, your favorite shaved ice stand has a mile-long line, and even your dog won’t leave the air-conditioned house without a bribe. If you need relief from the heat and the boredom of early summer, stay tuned: your adventure-seeking POMEs are inviting you to join them beside the seaside all week for a Very Special BEACH EPISODE! Read more.

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