Afternoon Snack

2016 is barely underway and we already have so many good things we’ve seen this year! We are excited so let’s get right to it.




Gamer couture: Louie Vuitton has a new model and she’s got pink hair and is normally seen wielding swords and defeating monsters for XP.




I don’t know what is signified by Lightening from the (widely panned) Final Fantasy XIII series of games being the newest representative of your high fashion clothing line, but I think… I’m into it??




President Obama gets a little choked up and singer-songwriter Carole King COMPLETELY LOSES HER SHIT over Aretha Franklin’s cover of King’s iconic song “(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman.” Plus: adorable blink-and-you’ll-miss-her shot of Jane the Virgin’s Gina Rodriguez also totally losing it and *Aretha’s gold Neo Queen Serenity Gown* omgggg, you guys.+




One beautiful human on the internet took it upon themselves to illustrate Leslie Knope’s amazing and glorious compliments she always bestows on her bestie Ann Perkins. Look out, all the ladies I know, Galentine’s Day is basically right around the corner.




This critical essay comparing Jennifer Lawrence’s rise to fame with Julia Roberts’ and Leonardo DiCaprio’s will keep you busy all through your lunchbreak.




If you’re taking an extra long lunchbreak and need even more things to keep you going, here is Longreads ‘mega-list of the best thinkpieces by women in 2015. We haven’t made it through nearly enough of these but it’s going on the New Years’ Resolution list for sure.




The Year in Male Tears: the evolution of misandry-as-a-meme in pop culture between 2014 to 2015 and beyond. In 2014 we were very ???????????? about our misandry jokes but 2015 is the year that our rage became our politics and our politics became our media. We’re ready. (We still want the ‘male tears’ coffee mug.)




Glitter candy art is an important part of the POMEmag aesthetic. Pip and Pop’s (a.k.a. Tanya Schultz’) uses nontraditional materials like sugar, glitter, and plastic flowers to construct fantasy landscapes that we would very much like to live in.






Ok so Rachel has played Undertale but Carolynn hasn’t and it’s probably time to rectify that immediately. Griffin McElroy is right. Have some amazing fanart to make up for it.


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And that wraps up our first Afternoon Snack for 2016! We’re off to a pretty good start!!


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