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We’re back from our galactic journey and now that we have Earth wi-fi again, it’s time to go through our RSS feeds and find the best stuff we missed last week.




I can remember absolutely loving Sabrina the Teenage Witch when I was a kid, but I never really caught on to how actually insanely weird it really was. I remember the puns, yes, I remember that her uncle Salem was trapped as a cat for 100 years as a punishment for trying to take over the world, but there are so many things I don’t remember – that everybody had an evil twin, that the entire Spellman family had an addiction to pancakes, or any of the myriad of really elaborate and bad costumes most of the cast found themselves in at some point. I just kind of accepted it, I guess, at the time. The 90s were weird.






Ask Polly is probably our favorite advice column on the internet, and here she is in an episode of the podcast Call Your Girlfriend!





We’re sure that using the Hunger Games as a metaphor for the presidential election has been done before, but maybe not with quite as much glee as when Stephen Colbert did it as Caesar Flickerman.




Amazon is making big moves in the video game space by offering 20% discounts on new games with it’s Amazon Prime service. Other video game sellers in the normal meat space already offer various discounts through their exclusive memberships (GameStop has PowerUp Rewards, Best Buy has Gamers Club Unlocked), but Amazon is the first online-only retailer to step up its game in response to the competition.




Dear Internet, sometimes you are a cesspool and I am ashamed of you, and sometimes you are a beautiful merfish and I am proud to know you. Today, it’s the latter – you got together and you sent a bunch of dildos the the militiamen in Oregon. You made that happen. Bless you.




As Ai Yazawa released a calendar last month, 2016 might be the year that Nana comes back and we are FREAKING OUT. Here are some questions that fans hope future chapters would answer.






You may have heard the nonsense about Angoulême not recognizing any female creators at all in its entire list of 30 nominees for the Grand Prix award. You may also have heard their very snobby, privileged response to the criticism they faced for this, which essentially boiled down to “ok if there were women who had made amazing things in the history of comics then obviously we would have recognized them but there just aren’t any women like that around SO GET OFF OUR BACKS OK GOD”. Matt Thorn’s response to this is to point out just a few of the very talented Japanese female comics creators that have made amazing things over the last century, and we would like to kindly ask the men of Angoulême to maybe check themselves before they wreck themselves, because they’re wrong and it’s embarrassing for them.






That’s all we saw this week, POMEs! Did you see anything we missed??


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