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Another week, another link roundup as we head into a fresh new Afternoon Snack. Check out some of the things we’ve been reading and thinking about this week, but also, FORMATION. FORMATION, YOU GUYS.



I mean obviously we’re starting here:





But don’t get it twisted: Beyoncé, crucially, is the clear source of power here — “I slay, I slay, I slay, all day.” This is more feelin’ myself than “Feelin’ Myself,” more flawless than “Flawless.”


And finally, god damn it, Red Lobster:



Photo courtesy of Buzzfeed




Super bowl weenies:



Bernie telling off Bernie Bros is really warming my cold, cold election year heart.



Get ready for Samantha Bee’s new show, which premiers tonight on TBS. Just a taste of the beauty we can expect:  Bee doing The Lord’s Work at NYCC.




Is it just me, or is girly-girl nerd recognition becoming more of A Thing? By this, I mean, femme-y media covering nerd shit is at an all time high. A while back, we linked to this great article about Star Wars and the rise of geek fashion and beauty products. But now Vogue is writing about Sailor Moon and Cosmo has an on-point-as-hell comics recommendation list for twenty-something women? We are truly living in a golden age.



Broadly navigates Texas’ underground abortion railroad and very plainly shows the very real roadblocks that prevent Texans from getting reproductive care in this post-HB2 nightmare of a state.


I have no problem with any of this.



Your daytime TV grandma has some thoughts about your ex.




Aside from rewatches of Formation, what pop culture stuff do you POMEs have on your calendar this week? Let us know in the comments!


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