Afternoon Snack

With Halloween only days away, we’re dedicating this week’s Afternoon Snack to the spookiest specter of all, the ghost in the capitalist machine, the sleeping dragon under the hoard of imperialist riches. Grab something sweet and salty and settle in for the Revenge of the Workers!

Friends, we just discovered r/antiwork and it’s so great. This Business Insider article explaining the subreddit’s rising popularity is better than a bowl of chicken soup for the soul.

The US resignation rate is now at a two-decade high in what’s been dubbed “The Great Resignation,” as millions of workers nationwide, from minimum wage earners to mid-career tech and healthcare employees, are leaving their jobs. Bureau of Labor Statistics data shows that low-paid, mostly in-person roles have accounted for the largest number of quitters this year.

According to hiring managers, the hottest 2021 work trend is job applicants repeatedly ghosting the very employers who have developed a habit of ghosting prospective hires. How the tables have turned! Click through for a very “Oh my god, he admit it” vibe.

What if academia was your workplace? Or the New York Times? It simply COULD NOT BE ME. But if it were, this new-to-us Substack by Michael Hobbes offers a thorough guide for identifying the moral panic of “wokeness run amok in higher learning / journalism / etc.”

In a sobering example of the lack of real consequences for power abuse in academia, UK disability rights activist Connor Scott-Gardner summarizes the current controversy surrounding gender critical philosophy professor Kathleen Stock, and asks academics who signed letters of support for Stock to consider the chilling effects of that stance on transgender students and colleagues.

On a much lighter note, we’re not necessarily saying that “psychic” scammers are workers, but we’re opened to being convinced. The latest entry into scam culture, involving a Martha’s Vineyard heiress and a Floridian psychic is in last week’s Boston Globe.

After a long day of fantasizing about the end of capitalism, this is all I want. Take me down to the Paradise City where’s chocolate’s haunted and the draculas have tiddies!!!!!!!!!

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