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Finding Self-Respect (Part 4)

An illustrated value about being your honest self

So now that I'm at the end, I have to ask: do I know what self-respect means to me, and do I respect myself? Read more.

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Dragon armor makes sense AND is rad as hell. So, um, where is it?

One singular issue is now at the front of my mind regarding this show: The very serious and absurd lack of DRAGON ARMOR. Read more.

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Stop Me If This Starts To Sound Familiar

Joss Whedon and Faux Feminist Sexual Harassment in the Comics Industry

Whedon talked about feminism as if it came as naturally to him as breathing -- while secretly justifying the ways he was exploiting a power dynamic to have sex with “needy” young women. Read more.


A Sip of Jasmine Tea

Live-Action Aladdin and Colorism

This movie had so much potential for groundbreaking representation. Read more.


On Days Like These

Things to read, if you want or need them today

Some links and resources — the most reliable news we can find about what happened on Saturday to cut through the noise a little bit, and articles to help you take small actions in the aftermath of this tragedy. Read more.

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Ask Persephone: Tax Season

Invoking Adrestia: cousin of Persephone, goddess of just retribution & divine CPA

She-who-cannot-be-escaped explains tax credits, deductions, and filing schedules for every coven. Read more.

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Four Matrix Spin-Off Ideas that Wouldn’t Suck

While I’m side-eyeing the idea of a Morpheus prequel without the Wachowskis pretty hard, I agree that the Matrix universe provides a rich and interesting world for potential spin-offs. Read more.

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Afternoon Snack

Greetings, dear POMEs! We take a break from this glorious spring weather and our incessant allergies to bring you the cream of the proverbial internet crop this week. Put that nasal spray aside and jump right in. Read more.

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Afternoon Snack

Andromeda news, IRL Handmaids, and Papa Roach

Happy Monday Afternoon, POMEs! We're rounding out the third month of this awful hellscape of a year -- and what better way to march into April than with a handful of entertaining links and articles, right? Here's some of the cool stuff we've been reading lately. Read more.

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Pet Owner Fallacies

"This goldfish is a real pet" and other lies we tell ourselves

“Cats are just so smart and independent,” said someone whose cat spent the last 3 hours licking the side of their couch for no discernible reason. Read more.

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