Afternoon Snack

Well this week started off with a huge curveball, huh? We have collected ourselves and prepared for you a fortifying Afternoon Snack.

We’re starting off with resources to help you cope with this week’s Big Scary News. Need some information on where to get or fund an abortion for yourself or others? The Repro Legal Helpline may be able to help, along with the following lists of abortion funds. In lieu of a donating to large organizations like Planned parenthood, NARAL, or any political campaign, one way you can do a lot of good right now is donating to a local abortion fund in your state. These folks are helping folks getting abortion care right now fund their procedures and your donation can help somebody get the care they need in the immediate future.

Need some inspiration for some spicier action? LUX, the socialist feminist magazine, has reprinted the 1971 “Pregnancy and Abortion” manifesto from the Women’s Struggle Movement of Padua, who are most famous for their wages for housework demands that launched an international movement.

We know it’s not just cis women under attack by a long shot: families with trans kids are fleeing Texas in particular. This hits so close to home that we’re still at a loss for what to say, but if there are trans kids in your life, we hope you’re giving them extra love and support.

We know from like, whole lives’ worth of experience by now that we still need pleasure and joy in the darkest of times to give us the fuel to keep on fighting, but no one knows this better than Audre Lorde. We’ve been finding Lorde’s essay on The Erotic as Power particularly useful, and highly recommend listening to her give a full reading of it, as linked within the essay.

Case in point? GYM HIMBOS IN LOVE. We truly, truly love to see it.

We’re not super feeling the Met Gala or other displays of wealth this week, but if you’d like to see the best of the best (in our opinion), check out GQs Paris Fashion Week coverage and perhaps this tweet of our Apartheid Overlord getting clowned on by one of our fave hotties:

(More Bridgerton hotties are in the thread too, if you could use a swoon!)

We’d like to think that we have had our gnarled fingers on the pulse of #croneculture for some time now, and love it when pop culture at large finds their way in. For a recent example, check out this Kate Tsang interview in Polygon about the director’s new movie featuring a maiden-crone friendship (starring the impeccable Rhea Perlman)!!

That’s all for now, dear POMEs: take care of yourselves and each other!

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