Afternoon Snack

Hello friends! Today’s afternoon snack celebrates the witches, the unions, and the and male entertainers we love, along with a few other things we found along the way.

THE GIRLS ARE BACK IN TOWN!! All three of our witchy aunts are back for Hocus Pocus 2!!! I knew that good things are still possible!!

For long-time Persona fans, we’ve finally got some of the best JRPGs ever made outside of the PSP or the Vita!

A good piece about bad (and cowardly) crypto reporting.

It is a massive failure as a writer to automatically assume that anything within technology is good, and needs to be given a chance. If something sounds stupid and does nothing but got lots of money, there is no reason to assume that said money is proof that this is a good or moral business, if such a thing exists. While there may be lots of good technology, any profit-seeking enterprise should be at the very least met with mild skepticism, just in case you miss something harmful, and something that has no apparent utility or purpose but makes rich people richer should be met with outright suspicion if not ire. Choosing the path of least resistance – to “give something a chance” that has so clearly been given a million chances before – is pathetic.

Y’all know we are always here to share union news — and this time it’s Medieval Times workers in New Jersey!! We’re so stoked for the whole castle, and will be rooting for y’all from Texas!

More good news for dinosaurs fans! Surviving Earth is an unscripted series about the lifeforms that survived the prehistoric era.

New oral history dropped of our favorite good boys — Channing Tatum, Reid Carolin (Magic Mike writer and producer), and Peter Kiernan (Channing’s former manager and current business partner) talk about the impetus and goals of our favorite male entertainer cinematic epic.

One million congratulations to Nate Stevenson!! In this lovely personal essay (although, honestly, all of his personal essays are lovely), he shares his new name and the process of getting there.

If you’ve gotten bizarre and scammy texts from unknown numbers like the rest of us, you’ll find this piece on those fishing scams pretty interesting — and very depressing.

Rachel Weiss

Rachel Weiss

Rachel is a designer and artist from Texas. She is pro-feminism, pro-crones, and pro-dogs. She's also Boss Crone at POMEgranate Magazine, and one day hopes to be able to drink her tea without so much milk and sugar.
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