Afternoon Snack

Good afternoon, dear POMEs! For some today is a deluge, for others it is a clear and sunny sky. Whatever weather the fates have sought fit to bring to you, we now bring you the best shit we saw on the internet last week. Let’s get to it.

You may remember our post on The Most Unnecessary Animes of Wikihow. Now this amazing website has taken it one step further and BOY ARE THERE SOME WINNERS.

This thread asking people to post the best/funniest/weirdest email rants they’ve ever received at work has really matured into a truly bizarre collection.

In a truly beautiful/bizarre turn of events, one American sports writer found himself mysteriously included in a DM group message on twitter between Edward Snowden, The New Yorker, and a group of teenage girls. Our fearless hero proceeds to grill the teens on questions of the day – What do they think about Donald Trump? (Racist.) Do they like the tv sitcom friends? (They are surprisingly into it!) Were Ross and Rachel really on a break? (Emphatically yes.) Who is this Edward Snowden fellow? (They are not really sure.) Snowden proceeds to tell them to “Stay free out there” and peace the fuck out. It’s great, it’s amazing, it’s the pinnacle of all we’re building as an internet community.

This SUPER INTERESTING post about the history of Lifetime and how it became one of the best places in Hollywood for women is a long read, but a good one. Seems like Lifetime is having a bit of a renaissance, and women practicing intersectional feminism are leading the helm

That’s all we’ve got to for you, dear POMEs! Wherever the rest of your day takes you, remember to STAY FREE OUT THERE.

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