Afternoon Snack

Welcome to a new week and a fresh Afternoon Snack! Here we share all the best things we saw last week.



This article about the heretofore unknown inventor of cosplay is great and we are very much enjoying the image of a woman and man dressed in “futuricustomes” parading around New York City in 1939. This lady is a hero to all cosplayers everywhere! The first of her kind, a real trailblazer, and a general badass lady from the sounds of it. Here’s to you, Morojo!



Here are POME we are big fans of sex-positivity and also of comics, so when you get something like Limerence Press from Oni that combines the two, it might be unnecessary to say that we are VERY MUCH ON BOARD. This is super cool and we are excited for healthy, sexy, fun comics to be taking their place in the lime(rence)light!!



Last week’s Dear Prudence had some heavy questions, but Ashley definitely thinks that the second question needs to be turned into a josei manga. No that we’re thinking about it, how many advice column questions would make for good premises of josei manga?? This requires further research.



This collection of older ladies with totally amazing hair colors and styles definitely epitomize our eventual lifegoals.



These cakes are so perfect and pure, they are basically the Crystal Gems of cakes??? They are so close to reaching the pinnacle of dessert making that we are torn between our desires to attempt to make our own and give up prematurely, knowing already that we will never reach those heights.



If you were looking for a really good article on the recent Ghost in the Shell criticism, we definitely recommend checking out this article over at The Verge, which talks about GitS as it relates to the decades of erasure and appropriation experienced in Japan and why an American studio making the movie at all might not be the best choice.



That’s it for now, POMEs! What did you see last week that you thought was the bee’s knees? Let us know in the comments!


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