Afternoon Snack

Happy Tuesday, POMEs! Here is a slightly-delayed Afternoon Snack to get you through your midday slog.



There are no words. There is only Hotdog Princess.



Check out these photos from Harry Potter and the Cursed Child! Noma Dumezweni’s Hermione is pretty much the most perfect Adult Hermione anybody could ask for — confident, inspiring, intimidatingly cool.





While The Toast is departing this internet mortal coil, its legacy lives on~~ The gaming website Zam continues the tradition of the “If X Was Your Y” series with “If Nick Valentine was your boyfriend” and “If Zarya was your girlfriend.”








Lindy West’s Shrill: Notes from a Loud Woman is fantastic and you should all buy it! Here’s a rad interview between Lindy and Anita Sarkeesian about it.




Speaking of new and exciting books, Kate Beaton is working with Scholastic on King Baby, a children’s book based on a Hark, A Vagrant strip.



People consistently underestimate hurricanes with female names, proving that even the fear of death isn’t enough to break down sexism. We are confident that female hurricanes will find a way to break through this glass ceiling, among others.



Finally, two exciting pieces of news:

All aboard the hype train Jaeger!



Has anything cool piqued your interest this week? Drop us a link in the comments!

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