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Our internet consumption has swayed violently between the horror perpetrated against black lives and the brief respite of community we find in Pokemon Go. Here are a few other things that have caught our eye.



This article by Awesomely Luvvie cries out against the proliferation of black death in our social media, in our news feeds, on our televisions. We should not need to see black bodies shot to death through our mobile devices again and again in order to feel any empathy.



In this opinion piece in The New York Times, Roxanne Gay encourages us all to resist apathy and numbness in the face of so much continued injustice and horror.



This amazing Russian figure skater has become a sensation in Japan since she started touring there, with one of the best things being her free skate routine done in a Sailor Senshi inspired dress! But really the very best thing is that she was surprised by none other than Naoko Takeuchi herself with a gift to thank the young skater for her love of Sailor Moon! We are jealous and also in awe.



A both critical and emotional look at both Marie Kondo and Kondo-ing your life.



More nonsense in Texas regarding abortion providers – the unelected officials in the Texas Health and Human Services Commission, which have specific rulemaking authority in Texas, have proposed a rule that would require abortion providers to cremate or bury all fetal remains, no matter the gestational age. While not as significant a burden as previous lunacy from the Texas lege, this is just one more attack of so many against abortion providers in the state.



Well, here’s looking forward to brighter times ahead. Keep safe, POMEs.

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